Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 3rd October 2023 Written Episode Update: Deepak is turning against Bhim Rao.

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 3rd October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Bhim Rao believes that a persons need to maintain a balance between work and rest. The manager wants to rest so he should. The manager questions, no one asked about rest. The worker thinks that Bhim Rao is doing all this to degrade the manager and take over his position. Bhim Rao remains silent. The men leave. The manager returns to work.

Ramji waits for Bhim Rao to return, he wonders where he is. Jijabai questions their innocence, everyone knows why this is happening. Meera questions, Jijabai tells that Bhim Rao is late because Deepak refused to listen to him and by staying out Bhim Rao is pressurizing Deepak. Ramji defends Bhim Rao. Jijabai tells that Deepak accepts this. Rama goes outside. Meera tells that Jijabai wouldn’t be here if he was to pressurize Ramji into leaving her. Bhim Rao is not a person to force anyone. Ramji leaves. Meera asks Jijabai to understand Ramji’s answer by him leaving, Jijabai is respectfully living in this house because of Bhim Rao. Meera leaves.
Deepak used to consider Hitesh wrong but today he thinks otherwise. Hitesh tells that Bhim Rao has always done as he willed. Rama stops him form manipulating a child. Purushottam questions. Ramji asks Deepak to judge someone from the way they treated us. Anand, Bala, Lakshmi and Karuna support Ramji. Purusuhottam wants to know why Bhim Rao didn’t come. Rama thinks that he must be busy, she will bring him back. Deepak stops her, he will go and check what he is up to. Purushottam will accompany him, Shoba advises Deepak not to be influenced by anyone. Deepak and Purushottam leaves. Hitesh wants to go inside, Shoba forbids anyone to leave before Deepak’s return. Joku questions, they already know the truth. Rama differs, Ramji will not let anyone sleep as well.

In the office, Bhim Rao sits down on the floor to complete his work. The manager accuses Bhim Rao for his late night work. Bhim Rao’s drama made the owner give him work. Bhim Rao refuse to argue. The manager wants Bhim Rao to stay here till he finishes his work. Bhim Rao hears Deepak’s voice telling Purushottam that he must be busy in work, Bhim Rao closes his files. Deepak didn’t expect this from Bhim Rao, though that he must be busy in work. The manager tells that Bhim Rao is sitting here useless. Purushottam wants Deepak to let go of Bhim Rao and move forward. He takes Deepak with him. Bhim Rao to starts working again.

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Hitesh questions for staying awake. Purushottam returns to chawl asking Deepak to tell what he saw and fell. Deepak tells that neither Bhim Rao said anything nor Purushottam, Bhim Rao was sitting in office idle without any work. Hitesh and other start clapping. Rama asks if he questioned Bhim Rao. Hitesh has got the answer, now he can sleep. Deepak wants Rama to tell Bhim Rao that he has changed for him. Rama goes inside. Jijabai wonders why she went inside.

Rama packs dinner. Karuna questions, Rama tells that she taking food for Bhim Rao. Karuna asks if she thinks that Bhim Rao isn’t returning to hurt Deepak, everyone will make fun of him for that. Rama packs the dinner than asks them to tell if Bhim Rao is like the person they think of how Deepak defined him. Karuna and Lakshmi believe him to be the person they think him as. Rama leaves.
The manager calls Bhim Rao asking him why he lied to Deepak. Bhim Rao told that Deepak is getting married, he is guilty for going against him. Bhim Rao needs to break that built himself for him to start fresh, as an elder he should carry the burden of others. Rama knew that Bhim Rao would never force or hurt someone, thanks him for being the man she imagined him to be. The manager questions Rama for making Bhim Rao a chief. Rama tells that lower caste nothing left to do. She leaves giving him the dinner. The manager asks Bhim Rao to eat outside. Bhim Rao will not eat now because it would be unethical of him to eat in front of his superior who has eaten anything as well, Bhim Rao can not offer him the food as well.

The Episode Ends.