Neerja 12th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Abeer agrees to get engaged to Trisha

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Neerja says to Abeer, please leave me alone, you have Trisha with you now please be happy with her and let me be on my own. Neerja walks to Didun and says Abeer tried to drug her and abduct her, he is madly in love with her but she isn’t and will stay with Sheikh. Didun says to Abeer, I told you Neerja is my property and so she will do only as I say. Didun asks her men to beat Abeer. They start hitting Abeer.

Neerja intervenes and asks Didun to stop the goons. She informs Didun that Abeer came with Trisha, knowing that Abeer is going to sign a deal with Sheikh. Neerja warns that she’ll complain to the police if anything happens to Abeer, not wanting his name to be tarnished. Didun acknowledges Neerja’s clever thinking and leaves Abeer alone for Neerja’s sake. Neerja walks away, unable to bear the thought of Abeer getting hurt.

Neerja believes she can sacrifice her own reputation but can’t allow harm to come to Abeer. Abeer feels betrayed, thinking Neerja fooled him again. He had been ready to fight for her and risked his life, but she chose Sheikh.

Abeer concludes that Neerja values money over love, and he grows to hate her for it. Filled with anger, he shouts her name. Later, Neerja apologizes to Sheikh for the trouble. She tells Didun she isn’t well and needs an injection within an hour to avoid an allergic reaction on her face. Sheikh informs Didun that he’s leaving India soon and asks Neerja to pack her things, leaving her shocked.

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Abeer returns home, and Munmun suggests Neerja must have caused his injuries. Trisha returns and cries seeing his condition. Moushmi consoles her and questions Abeer about forgetting Trisha in the hotel while saving Neerja. Moushmi urges Abeer not to risk his life for others, emphasizing Trisha’s love for him and the need to hate Neerja.

Kaushik faces consequences for his behavior and loses a deal. He vents his frustration, claiming Abeer is the biggest problem in his life. Bijoy advises him to stay within his limits, but Kaushik sees Abeer as a major obstacle. Abeer apologizes to Moushmi and apologizes to Trisha on his knees, explaining the medical emergency with Neerja.

Trisha scolds him for prioritizing Neerja over her and feeling guilty. She asks him about Neerja, revealing Moushmi’s concerns about their relationship. Abeer clarifies that Neerja is his nurse, and he cares for her because of her role as a medical professional. Trisha asks him not to forget her for Neerja and suggests he engage with her today to prove her importance. Abeer apologizes, and Trisha pressures him to agree. They hug, and Abeer agrees to engage with Trisha, keeping his promise and says why delay lets get us engaged today.

Pre cap: Abeer says to Neerja he has a surprise for her and introduces Trisha as Mrs. Trisha Abeer Bagchi. Neerja swears to change fate of Sonagachi and get the rights to be recognised as Mrs. Abeer Bagchi