Anupama 13th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Anupama goes to deliver the food order


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Anupama tells Babu ji and Baa that she is upset with them about one thing, and says she is their daughter and they would have taken her help. She says she is not a cook good like baa, but has learnt for 25 years hearing taunts, so you could have taken my help. Babu ji says until when we will put burden on you. Baa says your home was about to break because of us. Anupama says lets do work, the customer might come asking for order. Baa says you must have so much work at your home. Anupama says I have done all the work already and shows the box full of sweets, says Anuj and she has made for them and all the neighbors, so that they don’t have to make it, but they are already making. Babu ji says how do you do? Baa asks if you are Pari? Anupama says no Pari’s Dadi.

She asks Baa to sit and begins frying the snacks. Kavya comes there. Anupama makes her sit. Kavya also packs the sweets and boxes. Soon the sweets and snacks are ready. Baa takes off bad sight from Anupama and Kavya. Anupama takes Baa and Babu ji’s photo and smiles.

Tapish sees Dimpy keeping the lantern of Dhanteras. He recalls Anupama’s words and tries to make her smile with his jokes. Dimpy says he can talk normally. He tells that they used to keep lantern in chawl, and tells that it is like a family member. He switches on the lights.

Malti Devi comes to Anuj and Choti, and calls the latter. Anuj says Choti is wearing headphones. Malti Devi tells Anuj that teacher told that Choti is weak in environmental studies, new subject. Anuj says Anupama didn’t tell me. She says Anupama is already busy with so much work and shah family, we shall hire the tutor. Anuj says who hires tutor for this age students. Malti Devi tries to convince him, and then tells that she has to go and meet her shishya. She goes.

Baa and babu ji offer to massage each other’s hands. Kavya says Anupama will deliver all the orders and asks them to go and rest. They go to their room and rest. Kavya asks her to transfer money in her account, and she will transfer money to babu ji’s accounts for online payments. Anupama says ok. Kavya thanks her. Anupama asks her not to thank her. Kavya says she wants to thank her and tells that if she is with them, she feels that everything will be fine.

Anupama delivers order to the customers and comes to Anupama dance academy. She sees Dimpy and Tapish. Tapish tells that she is looking beautiful. Anupama says she has come for work and is going to do delivery of Baa’s order. Dimpy asks why you are going? Anupama says Kavya and you can’t go and that’s why I am going. Dimpy says sorry that she couldn’t help. Anupama asks her to take care of herself and that will be the help. She asks her to go home for help. Dimpy says ok and goes. Tapish asks shall I bring water for you. Anupama says no. He says you are Mrs. Kapadia and says if you go to deliver then if it doesn’t look strange. Anupama says kapadia is after her name and she is doing this for her baa and babu ji. She says the work is work and it gets by destiny and it shall be respected. Tapish says you are self help book and says if I record and put your video on social media, then will get many followers. Anupama says she don’t want. She says Romil told her that he is a very hardworking guy. Tapish says he was middle class and had worked hard. He gives him suggestion, and says your car don’t go to the lanes, and offers to take her on scooty to deliver the orders. Anupama says lets go, and asks Dimpy to go home in the car.
Kavya comes to Vanraj. Vanraj says he thought to give something to the kids, whatever he has. Kavya says whatever you give with love is enough. Vanraj says people was jealous of me, and used to tell that he had a perfect family. He says ups and downs had come then also, but everything was handled. He says since Samar’s left, this house is broken and Toshu has broken it fully. He says he couldn’t help Baa and babu ji financially. He tells Kavya that he couldn’t support her and come out of this pain, but he couldn’t do it. Kavya says its ok. Vanraj asks her to scold him or criticize him so that he comes out of this problem. Kavya says first we have to acknowledge the problem, and then everything will be fine. Vanraj asks her not to leave him. Kavya says she will be with him always.

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Anupama comes to a lady’s house and tells that she has come from Leela and Hasmukhs house to deliver the order. The lady calls Malti Devi and tells that your bahu has come. Malti Devi comes out and is shocked. The lady says you are Mrs. Kapadia. Malti Devi says Anupama is habitual to do social work and help poor. The lady says they are making sweets and namkeen. Malti Devi says Anupama is helping them. Anupama says this is my house work, and I am not doing charity. She says Leela behen and Hasmukh bhai are my Baa and Babu ji and I am helping them. The lady says if they are your parents. Anupama says they were my inlaws, but since I got divorced from their son, my relation with them got more deeper. She says she would have felt proud if she has done social work, but feels more proud that she is helping them. She says work is work and tells that some people feel ashamed of small work, but they don’t understand that the work itself is a matter of respect. She says she feels proud that her Baa and Babu ji are working in this age, and says she is their daughter, and bahu of Kapadias. She delivers the order and takes the money. She then gives 1 Rs. change, and asks her to tell others if she likes it.

Precap: Choti is about to fall on diya. Anupama holds Dimpy as she falls. Malti Devi holds Choti and scolds Anupama for worrying just for dimpy and not for choti. Anupama asks Choti to come to her. Choti hides behind Malti Devi. Anuj and Anupama are shocked.