Mera Balam Thanedaar 26th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Bulbul and Veer save Dhristi

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Mera Balam Thanedaar 26th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Veer asking the guy about the fire brigade. The guy says due to the God’s procession, all roads are blocked. Veer says bring water, we have to save Dhristi. Dhristi hears him and says she is ready to lose everything to get him, she just needs him, he is hers. Bulbul cries and says Jiji….Veer asks her to move back. Sulakshana hears the guests taunting that Bulbul and Veer romancing leaving the puja. Sulakshana tells Vardhan that they will do the puja. She is upset with Bulbul and tells that she will do the puja. Vardhan says how can you sit for longer time. Bulbul thinks she can’t risk Veer’s life, and she has to go herself. Dhristi says my love is the fire which will burn your marriage, and thinks Veer will come. Bulbul breaks the window and asks Dhristi to come out. Dhristi hears her, but doesn’t reply. Bulbul goes inside. Veer sees her going inside and tries to stop her in vain. Dhristi opens the cloth from her mouth and nose, and lies down on the ground. Bulbul searches for her.

The puja starts. Varnika asks Sulakshana tells that she is keeping nirjala fast. Varnika provokes her against Bulbul, saying she has no importance now. Dhristi says I am here. Bulbul asks where? Veer breaks the window and gets inside.

Bulbul asks God to help her save her sister. Sulakshana and Vardhan are doing the puja, and her hands shakes up. He asks if she is fine. Veer calls Bulbul and asks where is she? Bulbul takes off the glass piece from her foot and is going towards Dhristi. Veer comes there calling Bulbul. Dhristi says I am here, Veer….Veer sees Bulbul and Dhristi.

Sulakshana asks everyone to have the prasad. Vardhan tells Sulakshana to take some rest and says it is good that the puja have happened with all the rituals. The guest ladies taunt Sulakshana. Sulakshana says she wants to do penance. Bulbul brings blanket and gives to Dhristi to cover herself. Veer asks Dhristi why she didn’t follow his instructions. Dhristi hugs him. Veer sees Bulbul covering herself with blanket and hiding in the safe place. He asks her to be there and says good Bulbul. He takes Dhristi outside. Sulakshana tells that she will go to temple and do penance as her son and daughter in law haven’t done puja and the kundali was burnt that day. Veer asks the people to take care of Dhristi and goes inside to save Bulbul. Bulbul asks him not to come and says she is fine. He asks her if she trusts him. She says more than herself. He asks her to give her hand to him. Bulbul gives her hand in his hand. He holds her hand. Just then something falls down on the ground. Bulbul covers her blanket on him and herself. He holds her and is about to take her out. She finds her mangalsutra missing and tells Veer. Veer tells that he will get another mangalsutra for her. Bulbul says mangalsutra is just one.

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Sulakshana, Vardhan, vayu and Varnika are going to temple. Vardhan says Veer is not picking the call still. vayu says there must be some emergency else they wouldn’t have gone. Varnica says they are busy romancing. Veer searches for her mangalsutra. Bulbul shouts thanedar saa. He finally finds it where she was hiding. He then comes back to her and lifts her to take her out. He brings her out safely. The guy tells that they are saved. Dhristi looks on upset.

Precap: Bulbul drinks bhang. She says I was about to leave you and the family because of a big secret.