Mangal Lakshmi 26th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Adit insults Mangal over her dressing

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Scene 1
Adit says have you seen how girls style these days? Your hair looks like garbage. How dare you come before my friends with this face and condition? How is this saree? You look like your maid. What is the difference between her and you? You showed my friends how illiterate you are. Why did you have to say you don’t know English? Couldn’t you stay silent? Why didn’t you get your stupid face fixed in the parlor at least for today? It was a big day for me. She cries. Adit shouts why didn’t you go to Salom? She says I had work. She cries. Adit says what work? Somiya is handling all the decor and food. Pandit ji will do the pooja. What will you do? tell me what work did you have? You just had to welcome the guests. See your condition. A waiter is more presentable than you. Mangal cries. He says how do I make you stand next to me or introduce you to my friends? Are you worth it? You only get me insulted. I am tired. She says I was looking after the food. He says are you even worth making that food? Somiya was handling it. You always have excuses to show how poor you are. All women take care of the kitchen. Women who work are so smart and dress so well, they have so much work. And you’re home all day but have no time to fix your dressing or face. I can’t take you anywhere. You turn me into a joke. My friends are joking right now as well. They were mocking you not appreciating you. Do you understand? You’re dumb. I feel like I married an old woman. I was trying to protect my image for years but you ran it. I wish I didn’t keep this greh parvesh party or keep you out of it. She says sorry. He says I am sorry, why did I even marry you. Mangal cries. He says I wish I didn’t marry you. I know you can never change. If I married any other girl she would have learned my ways. Mangal says I don’t like it either, I feel bad. He says you feel bad? I feel bad, I am embarrassed of you. I can’t take you in front of anyone. Mangal cries. Adit says where are you singles? She says they’re outside. He says you will only get me insulted today. She says I tied them in my saree. Adit shoves them and says who ties them like this. He shouts. She says I thought I would wear them after cooking. He shoots and says what’s wrong with you? You thought people would say you don’t have any jewelry adn I got this house or sold it for the house. Do you wear them every day? What’s the point of not wearing them today? She says you’re getting me wrong. I am going crazy because of you. Mangal cries. He says please I beg you, come downstairs looking like a human. I wish I never married you and didn’t agree with my mom. It was the worst day of my life. He kicks things.

Someone knocks at the door. Adit asks who is this? Ishana says dadi is calling you downstairs. He says I am coming. He grabs Mangal’s face and says only come downstairs if you look like my wife or don’t come. I will handle everything. He leaves. Mangal cries in her room. Mangal sits down and sobs.

Scene 2
Lippika says to Shanti you ruined my selfie. Shanti says you’re useless. See Lakshmi has made her life. She took a real necklace from Gaitri. Lakshmi asks Akshar where is Mangal? He says I don’t know. Shanti says she has such an expensive necklace. She has trapped them all. You can’t do anything. Lakshmi is worried for Mangal and wonders where she is. Shanti says to Lippika go and make lemonade for everyone.

Shanti comes to Gaitri and Karthik and says it’s so hot. Something cold would be nice. Kusum says let’s start the pooja. Shanti says let’s wait a bit. Kusum says we’re running late. Lippika comes with the lemonade later. She drops the glasses. Kusum starts the pooja. Pandit Ji says you all have to enter the house with your right foot. First, the DIL of the house will end. Kusum looks around, she says where is Mangal? Somiya says Adit I was calling you. He says not right now Somiya, everyone is here. Kusum asks Adit where is Mangal? She says to come forward. Kusum asks Lakshmi where is Managl? Adit says I don’t know. Lakshmi says let me look around. Kusum says hurry up.

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Lakshmi comes to Mangal’s room and sees her crying in a corner. Lakshmi asks Didi are you okay? Why are you sitting like this? Is everything okay? She says everyone must be calling me. I kept sitting here. I am an idiot. I should go. There’s so much going on. I might ruin something again. I should do something. Let’s go. Lakshmi asks if is everyone okay. What happened? Mangal says we’ve to go downstairs. Lakshmi says first tell me what happened.

Adit takes Somiya to the side and says what happened? Someone would see. She says it’s an emergency. you’re not listening to me. The food isn’t coming. They’re saying we gave them the wrong date. They said they can’t deliver today. She says I wrote 20th on the order. He says what will we do now? She says I tried all the restaurants no one is preparing such a big order. Adit recalls insulting Mangal.

Mangal says how can I go outside? This hair looks like a broom. I look so bad. How can I go out with this face? Have you seen the girls these days? They’re so well-styled. I don’t know any styling. Should I put this perfume? Do I smell bed? Let me fix my face. Does this saree look okay? Lakshmi cries and says no didi. Magnal says I look like a 50-year-old woman. Adit must be ashamed standing next to me. Lakshmi says don’t say that. Mangal says I look like a maid. Mangal says to see the saree I am wearing. It looks so bad. I look so ugly. I don’t know how to dress up. No color looks good on me. Lakshmi says it looks good. Mangal says it doesn’t. She tries to fix her eyes with Kajal. Mangal panics, she tries to put on different things. She says nothing looks good on me. Lippika must have nice lipsticks. Lakshmi says everything looks good on you. Mangal says no I wanna look pretty like everyone. Everyoen looks pretty. I didn’t even wear a necklace. I am so stupid I went in front of guests like this with my hair messed up and sweating. I didn’t know about Adit’s image. Lakshmi says no didi, you look very good. Mangal was the jewelry. She says I might look good now. She says I still don’t look good. I am so ugly. Who would say I am a senior manager’s wife? How would Adit stand next to me? He’d be so ashamed to stand next to me. He’s right. I am not worth him at all. Lakshmi says what is wrong with you. Why are you saying all this? Please come to your senses. Mangal cries. Lakshmi says what happened? Did anyone say anything? She says I am so late. We got too late. Nothing should go wrong today. Amma would be mad that I am late. We have so many guests. Lakshmi asks why are you crying? I won’t let you go until you tell me.

Shanti comes there and says what’s happening here? Why are you stopping Mangal from going downstairs? Do you want her to get scolded by her MIL? They’re waiting for her downstairs. Kusum is angry. She is looking for Mangal. You’re Mangal’s enemy. I know how you’re acting like a boss these days. I will slap you onto the right path. Mangal says it’s not her fault. I am coming. Shanti asks did you cry. Mangal says I am fine. Akshar says Mama Dadi is calling you. Mangal recalls Adit saying don’t come downstairs if you can’t look like my wife.

Episode ends

Update Credit to Atiba