Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 11th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Aaji plans to oust Sajeeri

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Meetha Khatta Pyaar Hamara 11th June 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Aaji saying these gifts are for your mum, you have to come back home before 7pm, if you get late then you can’t enter the house for one month, you have to stay in Maayka, so come back soon. Nalini says pandit ji told this, we believe him. Sajeeri says sure. Aaji talks to the manager and prepones the meeting. She says Shivam will go there. She bribes the driver. Shivam comes and asks why are you giving him much money. Aaji laughs and says he is blessed with a daughter, so I gave him a gift, employees and servants are a part of our family. Shivam says sure, congrats. Driver goes. Shivam says you are the best, Aaji. She asks him to get ready and go to drop Sajeeri. Nalini asks Sajeeri to come back soon. Shivam asks what’s this 7pm rule. Aaji says its mahurat. Nalini says finish the work early today. He agrees. He gets a call for the meeting. He says there is an urgent meeting, I have to go.
Aaji says its an imp client, I will go for the meeting, you go with Sajeeri. He says no, you won’t travel in such a hot weather, I will finish the meeting by 4pm and get Sajeeri. He takes Sajeeri along. Aaji signs the driver.

Sajeeri meets Supriya and Sangeeta. She eats the snacks. She likes spending time with them. Sajeeri says Shivam is very nice, he takes much care of me. She smiles. Sangeeta teases her. Shivam is in the meeting. He thinks to leave in an hour. Sajeeri tells about the rasam. Sangeeta asks what’s this strange rasam. Supriya says maybe its her Sasural’s rasam, Shivam should reach on time. Shivam talks to Nalini on call. He says I finished the meeting, I m leaving now.

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The driver stops the car and says fuel is over, maybe the tank is leaking. Shivam asks what, is there a petrol pump nearly. The driver says no, its far. Shivam thinks how to reach Sajeeri in time. Sajeeri thinks to call Shivam. She says I have to go home in time. Shivam and the driver stop on the way. Aaji recalls her plan and thinks I will see how Shivam reaches on time. Shivam asks Nalini not to worry, he will reach. Nalini gets worried. Mandira makes a reel and says now Aaji will know what I can do.

Sajeeri waits for Shivam. Shivam takes lift from someone and rushes. Mandira calls Sajeeri and plays Nalini’s audio. Sajeeri says don’t worry, I m coming. Sajeeri takes her bag. She says Nalini is ill, I have to go. Supriya says you have to go with Shivam. Sajeeri leaves. Supriya worries. Sangeeta asks her not to worry, everything will be fine. Shivam runs on the road. Shivam and Sajeeri don’t see each other. Aaji says just one min left. Sajeeri comes home running. Nalini smiles. The clock rings at 7pm. Nalini says you came on time. Sajeeri asks are you fine. Nalini says yes. Aaji asks where is Shivam. Sajeeri says I have come alone.

Sajeeri says Nalini called me home. Nalini says enough, I didn’t call you. Aaji punishes Sajeeri to stay out of the house all night.