Maati Se Bandhi Dor 11th June 2024 Written Episode Update: Ranvijay and Vaiju meet

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Maati Se Bandhi Dor 11th June 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Kaveri saying I m very happy for you, Vaiju. They dance. Aai gets sad. Vaiju thinks of Ranvijay and smiles. Dheeme dheeme….plays… Jaya thinks of him and cries. She gets Vaiju’s call. Vaiju says I agreed to you and I m giving a chance to myself, Ranvijay is coming to meet tomorrow. Jaya says you should be happy. Vaiju says I feel scared because I have big hopes this time, you have to come for my sake. Jaya says I have much work here, I can’t come. Vaiju says finish your work and come, else I won’t meet him. Jaya says fine, I will come tomorrow. Vaiju gets happy. Vasundara asks Ranvijay to talk to Vaiju sincerely and remember its his decision, he isn’t under pressure.

Rao Sahab comes and says but I will pressurize him, its my responsibility to stop him from making a big mistake, he is heartbroken, so he came home drunk. He asks Ranvijay not to rush with the alliance, just think well and marry the one he loves. Ranvijay says but she doesn’t like me. Rao Sahab asks will you marry anyone. Vasundara says its your decision. Ranvijay says I m just meeting Vaiju, don’t worry, I will think and decide. He takes their blessings and leaves.

Vaiju gets ready. Kaveri manages the arrangements. Jaya comes and hugs Vaiju. She goes to make tea. She thinks my clothes, painting and stuff, I have to remove all this before Ranvijay comes. She clears everything from the shelf and rack. She sees her pics. Vaiju hugs her and says sorry, you got to work. Jaya says I will make tea ready, you take the tea outside. Vaiju says its less sugar. Jaya says he takes just one spoon sugar in tea. Vaiju asks how do you know. Jaya says city people takes less sugar in tea. Vaiju says I m scared, you be with me. Jaya says no. Kaveri asks what do you mean. Jaya says we won’t stay here, Vaiju and Ranvijay will meet in private, its imp, we will go to temple. Aai says no, we won’t go anywhere. Jaya says listen to me, Ranvijay would like privacy. Vaiju says you are my strength. Jaya thinks Ranvijay shouldn’t know I m your sister. Kaveri says Jaya is right, we will go to temple. Jaya asks Vaiju not to worry.

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Jaikant says I will come and apologize to Vaiju, I have made many mistakes. Ranvijay says you can come later, I m going later, no arguments now. He leaves. Jaikant looks on. He gets angry. He says Ranvijay didn’t take me along, I would have done a drama and ended this alliance. His mum asks him to calm down. She says how did Ranvijay agree to marry that girl, Vaiju will come home and become the bahu. Vaiju rehearses talking to Ranvijay.

Ranvijay comes there. She welcomes him. Jaya prays for Vaiju and says I swear I m ready to forget him, I have much pain, but I can tolerate this for Vaiju. She says my pics are still there on the wall, Ranvijay will see it. She rushes. Ranvijay gives the gift to Vaiju. He says Aai has sent this for you. She asks him to come. He removes the shoes and steps on the cow dung. She says I have spread the cow dung in the lawn, it stays cool and mosquitoes stays away, its useful for us, sorry, sit. Jaya comes running. He asks about her family. Vaiju says they have gone to the temple, what will you have, tea, juice or biscuit. He says tea. She goes to get tea. Jaya sees Ranvijay. He turns to see. He thinks its Jaya’s perfume smell. He enters the house.

Vaiju asks will you have sugarcane juice. Ranvijay says no. He says your habits match with my mum. She says I will keep this relation till my last breathe once you accept me.