Meet 13th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Shagun Cracks a Deal with the Producer


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It’s Shlok and Sumeet’s Haldi ceremony. Ammaji looking after the arrangements. Poonam asks Ammaji is everyone ready, the haldi ceremony is about to start. Sumeet gets ready and joins the festivities downstairs. Raj feels emotional seeing Sumeet and expresses his pride in her. Raj and Priyanka place a forehead ornament on Sumeet together, and Sumeet playfully teases them as they get lost in each other. She also asks Pankhuri to help grind the turmeric since she’s married too, without revealing her separation from Sarthak.

Shlok, however, comes out of his room and expresses irritation towards the loud noises from the ceremony. He complains about needing to record a song urgently and asks for Sumeet’s assistance. Poonam asks him if something is wrong, and Shlok explains that the noise is making it hard to record his song. Anju playfully teases him, suggesting that the main reason for his mood is the anticipation of meeting his bride. Ammaji reminds him that he can’t see Sumeet until the wedding.

Sumeet requests Poonam to allow her to speak with Shlok, promising not to reveal her face to him. Unable to record his song, Shlok is grateful when Sumeet arrives. She tells him not to look at her and helps him record his song in the dimly lit room as she plays the drum nearby.

Shlok sings beautifully and reminisces about his moments with Sumeet while singing “Main Akhiyan.” Sumeet applauds him and encourages him to sing in front of a music producer even in her absence. She tells him that when he performs on stage, he’ll have millions of fans. Shlok assures her that regardless of the number of fans he has, she’ll always be the most important person in his life. He playfully asks for a good luck kiss through the curtain, and Sumeet obliges.

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Afterward, Shlok gives the recorded song to the producer, and Sumeet prays for his meeting to go well. The producer praises Shlok’s voice and offers him an advance payment of 30,000. Shlok comes home and meets a jeweler who shows him a 30-lakh diamond necklace. Raunak taunts Shlok for his financial situation, but Shlok assures him that he will now fulfill all of Sumeet’s needs.

Meanwhile, Shagun approaches the music producer and offers international rights for the music market in exchange for canceling his deals with Shlok. Shlok pays the 30,000 as an advance for the diamond necklace, determined to provide for Sumeet’s desires. Sumeet drops a plate of halwa but hopes everything is alright.

Shlok tells Sumeet about his successful meeting, where the producer promised to launch him through his company. The Chowdhury family celebrates Shlok’s achievement when suddenly, someone in a veil knocks on the door.

Precap: Shagun walks in disguised as village lady and says I’m Kanchan and I came here to congratulate new couple. A bowl of haldi is kept for the ceremony. Poonam finds a dead snake inside bowl, she gets worried and says this is bad omen. Shagun laughing at the situation.