Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 13th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Malerao loses control

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Punyashlok Ahilya Bai 13th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Malerao saying Ahilya has separated Kesar and me. He cries and asks Malhar to get Kesar back. He says I can’t live without her. Ahilya says Kesar, I told you, I will make everything fine, you didn’t have faith. Malerao stops her and says no one will touch Kesar . He lifts Kesar and takes her. Gautama gets dizzy. Ahilya asks her to take care. Malhar holds Gautama. Malhar does Kesar’s final rites. Ahilya recalls Kesar. Dwarka says Maina, your way got cleared, Kesar is dead, now you don’t have to share your husband with anyone, he will be just yours. Malerao sees Ahilya and gets angry. Dwarka says Gunu ji, I have made another way for you to reach Malwa throne, Malerao is now useless. Ahilya cries.

Its morning, everyone is with Gautama. She says I don’t want to drink the medicine. Ahilya asks her to have the medicine. She says just listen to the family. Gautama refuses. Ahilya says I never thought that Kesar will do this, I got her to the palace and she committed suicide, life is precious. Gautama says no, life has become a pain now. Ahilya says don’t say this. Dwarka says yes, nothing will happen to you, poor Kesar died. Ahilya asks is this the right time to say all these things. Gautama asks Ahilya to not worry, sorrow is the end and now my breathe will be snatched from me any moment. Ahilya says don’t say this. She asks Malhar to tell Gautama. Gautama says get Malerao here, I know he is stubborn, he makes mistakes, he is naïve, but you are his mum, a mum has a big heart.

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Ahilya says fine, have the medicine first. Maina stops Malerao from drinking. He pushes her and shouts. He takes Kesar’s name. He says Kesar left me alone, don’t know what did this society get by making us separated, no one has any sorrow for her, you would be happy. Maina says no. He says no, she didn’t go anywhere, I wanted to go with her, Gautama made me swear, everyone is happy now, you would be happy too, come, we will celebrate together. He asks her to drink. She refuses. Ahilya comes and asks him to get to senses. He argues.

Ahilya says Gautama is calling you, she is your grandmum, come and meet her. He says I m not related to anyone, Kesar snatched everything and went away, Malerao is also dead. Ahilya cries.

Malhar says Malerao will come, take rest. Gautama coughs. Gangoba comes to call Malhar for the darbar. She asks Malhar to go and do his duty. He goes. Ahilya comes and says I have lost to my own child. She gets depressed. Gautama motivates her. She says you are Malwa’s queen, we have made all these relations, you are going to write history, just go Ahilya, I will wait for my wish to get fulfilled, but don’t make the Malwa Praja wait, I will wait for Malerao.

Gautama gets critical. She asks for Malerao. Mukta asks Malerao to come and meet Gautama once.