Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 18th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Ambika hears Ananya threatening Suraj

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Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 18th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update o

The Episode starts with Kabir sitting in Shakuntala’s saloon. Aarti comes there and calls him. He asks what happened? She says why you are letting this happen. Kabir asks what do you mean? Aarti says she didn’t want to discuss with him on this topic. He says I am just tired. Aarti says Suraj is a nice guy, but why you want to sacrifice your love for him. Kabir says Kesar is happy with Suraj. Aarti tells that she will pray to God to help him, and says you are a good person of this world. She asks him to come home. Kabir thinks Suraj is changed, else he will tell truth to Kesar. Kesar comes to the inhouse temple to do aarti and tells that she knows that nothing will change even after her marriage. She says this house has given me much love always. She asks God to help her so that she fulfills all her duties well and keep her identity too. She then prays for Maasu and says happiness shall not end from her face. Suraj wears his jacket. He gets Ananya’s call. Ambika sees Suraj’s protein drink on the table and says he has forgotten it here, and then he will shout asking where it is. He picks the call. Ananya tells Suraj that she has realized that he had manipulated her that day, and made her believe that whatever happened with Nikita was not your fault, and says your game is over now. He says Nikita has gained consciousness as she is alive. Suraj gets shocked. Ananya says if you are scared and says I didn’t tell you that she is alive, and was in coma, else you would have gone there to kill her. She tells that she will tell the world about him and will not let Kesar’s life ruined. Suraj tells that whatever wrong he did with Nikita and her was his life’s biggest regret, and says believe me, I am a changed and better man now. He says his life’s goal is to complete his Maa’s swear and says I don’t want to go away from my mother and family, and asks her not to disturb him again and again and let him live peacefully.

Ambika comes there and asks on whom you was shouting on phone. Suraj says it was wrong number. He says I will leave. He leaves. Ambika thinks if he is hiding something from me. Aarti thinks God shall do something so that Kabir conveys his feelings to Kesar. Ansh comes there and asks God to fulfill her wishes. Pandit ji prays the shank. Aarti asks God to do some miracle. Ambika looks at Suraj’s phone. Ambika calls Ananya from Suraj’s phone. Ananya picks the call and says I promise that I will expose your true face soon. Ambika is shocked. Suraj comes back, takes his phone and goes. Kesar tells Ambika that as she was busy, she has to make Suraj’s protein shake and tells that she will make it from tomorrow. Dhruvi comes there and shouts for Kesar. Baa asks if everything is fine? Dhruvi says you will know infront of Kesar. Kesar comes and asks what did I do? Dhruvi walks to Kesar angrily. Hetal asks what happened? Dhruvi then hugs Kesar, thanking her. Jayati says you scared us. Dhruvi holds her ear apologizing them. Baa asks her to tell what happened? Dhruvi shows the dress designed by her and asks how is this? Kesar says so beautiful and so elegant, just wow. Ambika asks when did you learn designing. Dhruvi says it is my hobby, but kesar gave me confidence that I can turn my hobby into profession. Kesar asks shall we give the order to this designer. Baa asks if she can fulfill our order on time. She says I shall get my order before time. Dhruvi takes Baa’s blessings. Hetal recalls Dhruvi telling that Kesar gave her idea of recycled sarees.

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Suraj blames Ambika for the happenings in her life. He then holds Kesar responsible for this. He tells that he will snatch maa from Kesar and then only saas will be left in her life. Kesar and Kabir are helping Darshan with his exercise. Kesar tells Darshan that there is a change in him since he started exercise. She sees Kabir looking at her and asks if he wants to say something. She tells that she had misunderstood Suraj and praises him. Kabir says whoever we love, don’t see his flaws. Kesar says he supported my dreams and tells that he is different from others. Kabir thinks she is so happy, how to tell her. He asks her to be happy always. Kesar says who has such a good friend, she will be happy always. Ambika lights the diya and drops the match stick down near her saree. She recalls Ananya’s words. She prays to God to protect her son and names his trouble on her name or show her some way to find way to his problems. The fire is about to catch her saree.

Precap: Kesar congratulates Ambika and says if you had loved me then would have told me Suraj’s truth. He says you have done duty towards your son, but not for me.