Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 18th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Kunal and Vandu spend quality time

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Baatein Kuch Ankahee Si 18th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Kunal apologizing to Vandu for hurting her family. He says you forgot everything and agreed to marry me for Tara’s sake, I wanted to tell this to you, I m sorry. Vandu says its enough. He says you are a different kind, if anyone troubled me and my family, then I would have not forgiven all life. She says maybe I would have not forgiven you, but my dad says it, one should look ahead and live, love is big and forgiveness is bigger, anger burns us before others, a person should be rich by heart, the one who doesn’t have a heart to forgive, he is the poorest. Kunal says you are right, true. She says I have forgiven you. He asks are you serious, you are smart. They laugh. Pammi says its so hot here, there is no AC. Bobby jokes. Atya asks Tara where are her parents. Tara and Shivam laugh. Shivam says you all are foolish. Tara says they went on a secret date. Vijay says its good, its their day, they should spend some time. Kunal sees Vandu behind. He goes back and walks with her. They have a walk. He says I have fallen in love. She looks at him. He says with this city, sorry. She smiles. He says I love Mumbai.

Kuldeep hurts Vaani and scolds her. She argues. She says you have ruined Vijay and my lives. He says you were going to meet your lover. She scolds him and defends her relation with Vijay. He suffocates her. Kunal and Vandu come there. They write Tara by the flowers. Vaani presses horn. They hear the horn. Kunal says we will go and see once, they may need help. Kuldeep stops Vaani. Kunal and Vandu don’t see Vaani. Vaani says you sold Vijay’s songs and made your company, you didn’t give any money or credit to Vijay, you blamed me falsely and kicked out Vijay, you ruined his life, you made me away from my children, I will not sit quiet, I have seen Kunal, Vedika and Vijay today, I will go and meet them, I will bring your truth out. Kuldeep laughs and says you won’t be alive. Kunal and Vandu reach home. She laughs and asks him to go home. She says don’t give me Gyaan now. He says you give Gyaan, go and sleep, its your marriage tomorrow. She says yours also. He says yes, my marriage, what a coincidence. They laugh. He goes. She prays. Kuldeep meets Pammi. Pammi asks why did you call me, if Vaani came, then everything would have got ruined. Kuldeep says I can’t let Vaani ruin our plan, I had no way than to kill her. She is shocked.

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Vandu comes home. Hemant says we were worried. Atya teases her about Kunal. Vijay and everyone laugh. Pammi asks what. Kuldeep says she fainted, so I spared her. Pammi says you scared me, is she alive. He says yes, she is dangerous, she can expose our truth anytime, I will handle Vaani, you just focus on the marriage. Pammi says yes, come there on time, marriage shouldn’t happen. He says Vijay and Vandu will get ruined tomorrow. Its morning, Vijay says my friend got a heart attack, Chirag wants to meet the friends, its his last wish, sorry, I have to go. Vandu says I have understood the meaning of friendship well, you will come till my marriage, right. He says sure. She says I will pack your clothes. Vijay prays for Vandu and Kunal’s marriage. Kuldeep says I will insult Vijay and force him to beg me. Sonia sees Kunal’s pic and cries.
Kunal and Vandu get ready for their marriage. They exchange the garlands. Sonia comes and says Kunal. Kunal and Tara run to Sonia.