Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 17th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Suraj creates hurdles in Kesar’s way

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Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 17th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Suraj asking Kesar to become the women’s voice, and fulfill your dreams. He says I have to compensate for your mistake. Ambika says a person does mistake sometimes. Baa says Suraj is very worried now. Kesar says if I have done mistake then I will rectify it too, and says I promise. Suraj thinks I will see how you fulfill your promise. Jayati says how can Kesar do a big mistakes as she checks even the ordinary things many times. Darshan comes there and says Kesar has not done anything, and says I have seen with my eyes. He recalls Kabir putting the papers in the machine to cut them, and says Ka Ka Ka…He cries. Jayati takes him to room. Jinal feels pity on Kesar and asks Hetal, how Kesar will make everything fine, the design papers are cut, how she will make it fine. Kabir looks at Kesar from far. Suraj asks Kabir, if he is feeling bad for his friend and says amazing. Kabir says I will take your life and holds his neck. Suraj says you can take bachchan’s life if you want and asks him to go and bring cello tape.

Suraj comes to Kesar holding the cello tape and apologizes to Kesar for getting angry. He asks shall I help you. Kesar and Suraj fix the papers together. Kesar says I will bring phone to click the photo. Suraj says I will get water to drink. He goes and thinks hero helped and now it is villain turn. Kesar comes back and finds the designs ruined. She cries. Kabir sits on the floor and cries. He says I can’t even apologize to you. He recalls Suraj asking him to pour ink on those papers. Kabir goes there, puts ink on the papers and goes. Suraj laughs and tells that a friend in need is a friend in deed. He laughs.

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Suraj and Kesar go to the architect and asks him to make the design again. He refuses. Suraj thinks he will create so many problems in her life that she herself will come and asks me to marry her.

Kesar tells the architect that if he is busy then she wants someone from his team to make the designs ready. The architect tells that he doesn’t have time to supervise them. Kesar says she knows the designs and its every detailing. Architect tells that it is not child’s game. Kesar says I can either get success or failure. Kiran shows Ansh’s photo to Moksh and says he has thrashed him. Moksh says he was with aarti that day in restaurant and says they should have killed him that day. The architect gives 8 hours time to Kesar, and says my help will help you for 8 hours. Kesar tells the details to the team. Hetal calls and asks about Babu ji’s medicine. Kesar tells her about the medicine. The architect’s team member tells that just 4 hours left to make the design, there are so many distractions.

Suraj comes to Kabir and asks if the work is done. Kabir says you are an egoistic man. Suraj pours the tea on the floor and asks if Kesar is really your friend or? Kabir shouts Suraj. Suraj goes. Kabir comes to the hospital and tells Bachchan that he has a problem to shave his beard. Shakuntala comes there and asks them to have food. Kabir asks if you are fine. Shakuntala says she is doing this to keep Kabir away from home, until Aarti’s marriage is done. Kesar asks the designers to make the design. The designer says they have just one hour. Kesar asks him to make.

Episode ends.