Udaariyaan 17th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Kabir lays a trap for Armaan


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The Episode starts with Aasma asking Armaan to get up. Shamsher makes fun of Armaan and Aasma. Aasma shouts Armaan, get up. Kabir looks on. Sukhi and Rano come. Raja asks them to save Armaan. Aasma says you can’t lose courage, get up. Sukhi says until Aasma is with Armaan, nothing will happen to him. Aasma and Sukhi ask Armaan to get up. The referee counts down. Armaan recalls Aasma’s words. He gets up. Sukhi says bravo Armaan, you can do it. Armaan fights Shamsher again. He makes Shamsher fall down. He defeats Shamsher. Everyone claps for Armaan. Armaan thanks Aasma. He says I would have not won if you weren’t here. Rano asks who asked you to do this. Sukhi blesses Armaan. He gets a call. He says Rano, I will drop you home. He asks Armaan and Aasma to come home soon. Raja says I won’t go home, I will take treat, make me have ice gola. Armaan asks Aasma to take Raja. He says I will get prize and come, promise. They leave. Armaan gets the reward. The man praises Armaan and gives the money. Kabir laughs. Armaan asks what’s this. The man says 25000rs. Armaan says reward was 15 lakhs. The man says yes, you will get it after paper work. Armaan says I will take money and go, else my garage will get sold. Kabir asks the man to continue plan B. The man says I have become your fan, I can get you 15 lakhs, but you have to return it in 5 days. Armaan says promise, I will give it to you once my work gets done. The man says your money will reach home, take your reward. He gives the trophy. Armaan thanks him and leaves.

Aasma takes care of Armaan. They have a moment. He says nothing can happen to me until you are with me. She cries. She says I will get haldi milk for you. She goes. He gets Jaggi’s call. He says I will do the work, I will arrange the money, don’t worry. He goes to the garage and starts working. Aasma gets tea for him. He says I m okay now, go home. She says no, I will stay here. He says fine, check the headlights. She smiles seeing him do the hardwork. She asks how are you so familiar with the tools. He says its my childhood toys, its my dream, I want to make an amazing car, so I stay in this garage. She says if you work hard and have true intentions, then every dream can get fulfilled. He thinks its my dream to become deserving of her. He prays. Its morning, Aasma gets ready. She gets a gift and note from Armaan. She wears the bracelet. Raja comes and says Armaan has made breakfast for everyone, come fast. She smiles. Armaan serves the food to everyone. Aasma comes and signs him about the bracelet. He asks her to sit. Neetu says Aasma, you have changed Armaan.

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Armaan asks how is it, did I pass or fail. Aasma tastes the sandwich and says pass, first class. He thanks her. Everyone smiles. Armaan gets the message about the money. Aasma says I will leave now, thanks. Armaan says I will drop you to the NGO. She says you said I m strong. He says yes but my heart is weak, I have to meet the garage owner. He drops her. He says this gift has a tracker, it will show me your location. Aasma thanks him. He gets Jaggi’s call. He says I got the money, I m coming. He leaves. He stops midway to help an old lady. Two men steal the money bag and flee. Armaan runs after them.

The episode ends