Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 14th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Kesar to launch her own diamond business

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Kyunki Saas Maa Bahu Beti Hoti Hai 14th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Suraj telling that he apologized to her and is repenting every day and doing penance, but she doesn’t want to forget it and wants to punish him daily. He asks if you have changed your heart, and asks if you really want to marry me or not. Kesar says marriage is not less than a partnership, and says you shall think your partner as your equal. She says if you had understood me then would have understood why I didn’t accept your equal partnership offer. She turns to go. Baa stops her and asks her to do the puja. Kesar goes to do puja. Baa tells Suraj that everything will be fine. Suraj gets angry.

Aarti tells Kabir that Moksh is troubling her. Shakuntala holds Moksh or Kiran’s hand. Aarti then tells that she was telling Moksh to marry at the earliest date, but he is not agreeing. Shakuntala says today’s modern girls don’t want to wait and says we never used to open our mouth. She asks kabir to go. Ansh hears her, gets stunned and goes.

Dhruvi and Darshan come to Kesar. Dhruvi asks Kesar not to work more, and asks her to come to celebrate Choti Diwali. Kesar says she will finish an important work and come. Dhruvi tells Suraj that kesar is doing an important work and goes. Suraj offers help to Kesar, but she says she wants to do the work alone. He goes behind her, to look at her laptop, takes water and drinks. He says nothing is pending in office and asks what is she doing? Kesar says this is personal and says I will tell when the right time comes. Suraj gets angry on her and asks what she really wants to do, and tries to look in her laptop. Kesar tries to stop him. Suraj pushes her and she gets hurt. It is Suraj’s imagination. Kesar asks what happened? Suraj says nothing and goes.

He tells Ambika that Kesar is not forgiving him and says if she refuses to marry me, then how can I stay here, as her talks, face and memory will remind me that I couldn’t fulfill my mother’s swear, I couldn’t become a good son or good fiancé. He hugs her and asks what do I do?

Aarti and Moksh/Kiran are seated for the engagement. Ansh thinks why she is pretending to be happy, and wishes to hold her hand and take her away from there. Kiran is hiding while moksh is getting engaged to Aarti. The ring drops from Moksh’s hand and he comes out. He signs Kiran to go inside. Kiran goes inside, touches her hand and makes her wear ring. Shakuntala congrats them. Kabir gets a call from hospital and rushes there. He asks Doctor not to remove the ventilator. Doctor says we are following the management orders, as you didn’t pay the money, we have to remove the ventilator support. Kabir requests him to give him three days to pay the money. A guy hears him.

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Kesar comes to the balcony. Kabir comes there and looks at her, as the flower petal falls on him. He turns and sees Kesar standing infront of him. He tells Kesar that when he sees her, all her problem goes, and says he will save Bachchan’s life and will bring happiness in Aarti’s life. Kesar says how to forget that you have gone wrong. Kabir says he will prove his innocence. He finds her standing in the balcony and their conversation was his imagination. Kesar looks at Kabir’s gift and says you was always with me since my childhood, but the reason of my problem is you, I don’t want to think about you, you have murdered my trust.

Baa tells Ambika that the prasad is made. She tells that Kesar and Suraj shall unite today. Kesar tells that I want to tell that after returning from Jungle, whatever Suraj said, he made me meet myself. Suraj thinks what is her drama? Kesar says yesterday Dhruvi asked me, what I want to do, what is my dream? She says she wants to make her own diamonds in lab? Suraj says we are setting up diamond park, then why to make diamonds in lab. Kabir is informed by someone to reach somewhere if he wants 45 lakhs Rs then he shall donate his kidney.

Suraj tells Kesar that if she launches lab grown diamonds, then she will become competitor to Raj gaur business. Kesar tells that she is not doing this for profit and tells that the diamonds will be affordable to everyone. Suraj says from where, we will get money for investment as we have already invested in the diamond park. Kesar says she has talked to the bank already and they are ready to invest. Ambika says she reminded him of Dheeran and wishes her best. Suraj wishes her best and then tells that there is a good mahurat as Pandit ji told, and asks if she will marry him. Kesar says no. Baa asks what do you mean? Kesar says she wants to marry Suraj only, but not now.

Episode ends.