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Day 32

8 AM

The inmates wake up to BB anthem, they all dance to it together.

9:15 AM

Arun tells Tehelka to not sleep anymore. He says you are sleeping too. Anurag goes to get a check up done.

10 AM

Mannara tells Neil that Munawar has changed behavior, he is talking weirdly to me. Ankita scolded him when he said she doesn’t clean up the room but then he agreed with her. Aishwarya says she doesn’t clean much. Neil says both Vicky and Ankita are unhygienic.

Arun tells Tehelka that he shouldn’t have told him to wake up in front of Sana and Anurag. Tehelka says sorry.

11:30 AM

Vicky is talking with Munawar and guesses there will be a task about diyas. Bigg Boss says you are right, call everyone to activity area. He says okay and tells Ankita to come fast. Khanzaadi is getting ready so Bigg Boss says Vicky told Ankita to be fast but Khanzaadi is taking her sweet time. Ankita says he is just like that, she is like his sister. Don’t force me now.

12 PM

All come to the activity area and find diyas there. Bigg Boss says Vicky must know what the task is about, he says no. Bigg Boss says its diwali so lets start nominations with diyas. You will nominate two people and blow off their diyas. Anurag is already nominated and Rinku is immune so no one can nominate them. He starts from Anurag.

Anurag: He nominaates Samarth for talking behind backs. He nominates Abhishek for getting personal with him task. Abhishek says I already apologized. Anurag says I am not feeling well so Bigg Boss tells him to go to his room, he leaves.

Neil: He nominates Vicky as he is disappointed because of his childish acts. He nominates Ankita as his bond couldn’t grow with her.

Navid: He nominates Arun because of his argument with Anurag. He nominates Tehelka for the same reason.

Khanzaadi: She nominates Arun for the same reason. Arun says you all play in a herd. Khanzaadi says it was a fiasco for no reason. She nominates Mannara for talking behind her back.

Aishwarya: She nominates Ankita for fighting without reasons. She nominates Vicky as they are enemies. Vicky says I tried to be a friend but you don’t agree. Aishwarya says we can be friends outside the show. Bigg Boss says so you are enemies just for the show? She says no.

Jigna: She nominates Arun for bringing up Anurag’s personal life. She nominates Tehelka for being aggressive with Anurag.

Rinku: She nominates Mannara because she crossed her line of respect and even said Munawar would take us to the top 5. She nominates Vicky as she likes his game and he is strong.

Munawar: He nominates Tehelka as he doesn’t take right stands and he pushed Anurag for no reason. He nominates Ankita as she is a strong competition and she nominated him for the same reason. I thought she was unfair as she is my friend but she said it was a game. Ankita says you did the same thing. He says you say you play from heart but you didn’t care about my heart. If you come for me then I will come for you.

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Mannara: She nominates Ankita as when she was breaking down, I shared some things with her and then she used those words against me and provoked others. You call yourself a healer but you are just a manipulator. She nominates Khanzaadi for using cursing words and said I should die. Khanzaadi says I never said that. Mannara says we all heard it. You lie too much. Khanzaadi says you are fake.

Ankita: She nominates Neil as his game isn’t strong enough. She nominates Aishwarya as they can’t bond and her game is weak.

Samarth: He nominates Abhishek as he loses control often, he thinks I want to make some love triangle but that’s not the case. He nominates Mannara for not being clear in her conversations.

Isha: She nominates Khanzaadi as she keeps saying she wants to go home after any fight. Khanzaadi says my heart is slipping so maybe that’s why. Isha nominates Tehelka for playing on the back foot.

Abhishek: He nominates Ankita for showing the middle finger to him. Ankita says I apologized to you already. Abhishek says you curse people out and then say you are playing from heart. Ankita says you are playing a smart game. Abhishek nominates Samarth for getting involved in Isha’s fights.

Arun: He nominates Ankita for showing a middle finger to Abhishek. He nominates Khanzaadi and says she is a psycho.

Vicky: He nominates Neil as he doesn’t listen to others. Vicky nominates Aishwarya as her game is weak. Her smiles are fake too. Aishwarya says you think that. Vicky says I don’t talk to you much.

Tehelka: He nominates Abhishek as he said I curse a lot but he curses too. Abhishek says when did I curse like you? I never did. Tehelka says you also said that I hide behind Arun. Tehelka nominates Samarth as he called me illiterate as I can’t talk English much.

Sana: She nominates Khanzaadi for unnecessarily attacking Anurag for some oil. Sana nominates Tehelka as he gets aggressive. Bigg Boss asks if her reasons are valid? She says yes. Bigg Boss says these reasons were given by Vicky who is her mentor and his follower Sana followed through. He told her that its useless to nominate Neil, Munawar and Aishwarya as only Bigg Boss would eliminate them. Bigg Boss says he suggested her two names but she didn’t nominate those people. Neil says he keeps manipulating people. Vicky says talk about yourself. Neil says you are fooling people.

Bigg Boss says Ankita, Tehelka and Khanzaadi are in danger but now Vicky is in the power house so we have to allow him to play. He asks house no. 3 to nominate one more contestant. They all discuss. Anurag says I want to nominate Abhishek, all others agree. Vicky says I think he is strong.

Munawar tells Khanzaadi to be happy with her friendships. Khanzaadi says don’t fly too high.

Bigg Boss asks house no. 3 who they are going to nominate? Tehelka says we are going to nominate Abhishek for being aggressive with girls.

Bigg Boss says the nominated inmates are Anurag, Ankita, Tehelka, Khanzaadi and Abhishek.

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