Kundali Bhagya 7th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Preeta helps Rajveer treat Bani Dadi

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Preeta asks how can the Roka happen without her since he might consider Rajveer as his son but it is not the truth, Gurpreet explains that preeta should not think so much about it as he considers Rajveer as his son, Preeta then questions why is the police here, Gurpreet explains that the Inspector said that two boys came with the drugs into their house, Preeta says that she feels something is about to happen and then mentions how she is feeling someone locked her in this room, because how can the door lock suddenly and not even open. Gurpreet thinks that Rajveer and Mohit might have done it.

Shaurya and Sandy are walking when Sandy says they might have forgot the car keys but Shaurya opens the door when Sandy says he should have told he had the keys and so drops the Paghri, they are shocked seeing the constable who is able to recognize them and asks if they are the boys who had the drugs, Shaurya and Sandy run away while throwing the cloth at the constable who runs back.

The inspector orders the constable to check everyone present here, karan is searching for Preeta and asks the inspector where is the lady, he tells that Mohit would know about her when Karan questions him so he says that the lady was his cousin sister, Karan is shocked hearing it but says the voice is of Preeta.

Sandy asks Shaurya what does he feel like that they would find the drugs in the pocket of Rajveer, Shaurya replies they should find it.

Inspector says that he feels they should leave when Rajveer explains he told them that they are celebrating the Roka function and the guests are their neighbors when the constable comes saying that the two boys who they saw with the drugs are running in their car. The inspector leaves with the constable. Nidhi exclaims Rakhi is a very bad daughter in law while Karina is also a bad daughter as they donot care about their mother which is why have not called him, even when Bani Dadi is ill. Rajveer questions Karan if he would need his help in the Roka of Shaurya, karan replies that Rajveer would have to come with him right now so Rajveer agrees but then Karan asks him to wait for a moment while he will first ask Mohit to call his cousin.

Rakhi and Karina are worried so Rakhi calls Karan who answers it asking what has happened when Rakhi requests him to come back right now as Bani Dadi is ill so karan leaves asking Nidhi to come with him, Rajveer tells Mohit he feels that something has happened in the Luthra Mansion so he is leaving. Karan goes out but is not able to find his car and so starts panicking, Nidhi calms him down but then Nidhi wonders why is he not able to find the car, Rajveer points at the car so Karan goes to the car but then is not able to find the car keys, Rajveer asks karan to be seated at the back seat while he will drive the car since karan is very tensed, they both are arguing when Nidhi tells Rajveer that karan is a very good driver however Karan says that Rajveer would drive the car. Karan then sits with Rjaveer while Nidhi thinks she has to do something to end the love that is between Karan and Rajveer.

Preeta comes out calling Mr Karan Luthra, she asks where is everyone when Mohit informs that they all left so Preeta wonders what is going on, Gurpreet says that Preeta je is very furious wondering how did the Roka happen since she is the mother of Rajveer. Mohit explains that everyone left after attending the Roka, Preeta asks did they not miss her when the event of Roka started and how can anyone do it, Mohit says that a father can perform it, Preeta is shocked when Gurpreet informs that Karan considers Rajveer as his son Preeta replies she also considers Shaurya as her son but should she go and push everyone behind, Preeta is worried wondering why did Rajveer not object without his mother and agreed to let Karan Luthra perform them. Preeta says she needs to talk with Rajveer so calls him, Mohit informs that Karan Luthra got a call from his house that his Grandmother is ill and so Rajveer also followed him, Preeta explains that she is not able to understand what is the bonding between karan and Rajveer as they were hugging each other which she saw from the window and why does she have a problem with it all. Preeta asks what did Mohit say that Karan Luthra got a call from his house that his Grandmother is ill, she is worried.

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Bani Daid is in the room wondering why is he feeling so worried and getting hot, she asks Rakhi to turn on the air conditioner when Rakhi explains that it is set at sixteen degrees so she would ask for a bowl of cold water. Mahesh also comes running inside asking what happened, Rakhi explains they were discussing the menu and then she had the soup after which she got il, Kritika assures she has called the doctor who would arrive very soon, Mahesh tries to sit with bani Dadi but she asks him to get aside since she is feeling hot, Mahesh offers to call the doctor but Kritika stops however then Karina asks him to go out and also call the doctor.

Karan also rushes inside asking Bani Dadi how is she when Karina informs that she suddenly got rashes and is feeling hot when Rishab also comes telling Rakhi why did she call him like this since he got worried. Rakhi says it is about being tensed when Rajveer asks Bani Dadi to not be worried and ask him if she needs anything, Kritika stops Rajveer telling him to stay here while she will go be with Mahesh uncle.

Rajveer gets a call when karan asks him to answer it, Rajveer says it is of his mother when they all ask him to answer it, Preeta asks Rajveer what happened with happened with the Grandmother of Karan Luthra. Rajveer starts explaining the situation when the Luthra family asks if his mother is a doctor, Rajveer says she is just his mother when Preeta then asks Rjaveer what was in the soup, he informs that it even had some mushroom so Preeta says she felt it would be an allergic reaction to something that she ate. Preeta asks Rajveer to make sure Bani Dadi has a lot of water and then even make this herbal drink which would make Bani Dadi feel better, Rajveer says he will bring the medicine but Preeta mentions she is sending the recipe of the herbal drink, Rajveer informs the Luthra’s about the drink, Rakhi asks Rajveer to send her the recipe after which she will make it.

Shaurya enters the room with Sandy saying he does not want to do it again, Sandy praises Shaurya for driving very fast when Shaurya says he knows he is the best at everything, Sandy explains Shaurya is just like his father when Shaurya remembers how his father offered to perform the Roka of Rajveer, and exclaims his father is loving Rajveer a lot so always keeps asking him to learn something from Rjaveer, this is why they should have been there since he wanted to see Rajveer get arrested. Sandy explains that the mother of Shaurya managed to get them out from that place., they can go and meet Rjaveer at the jail when Shaurya asks him to come right now but Sandy says they should at least wait for the conformation otherwise everyone would suspect them, Shaurya starts thinking.