Barsatein 7th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Reyansh applies haldi to Aradhna


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The Episode starts with Kriti leaving. Nita asks Varun to take the haldi to the girl’s place. He refuses. She says you have to go. He says Aradhna is clever, she can make you out of the house. Nita says I thought Reyansh will break this marriage somehow, but Aradhna has tricked Reyansh too. Varun says yes, I will take the haldi. Nita says he is right, Jai has bear much loss because of Aradhna. Varun is on the way. Reyansh hides in his car. Varun hears some sound and stops the car. Nita says I had a hope that this marriage breaks somehow. She smiles and calls someone. Kriti comes and greets her. She says I regret Jai has chosen Aradhna. Nita says we can explain that he is doing a big mistake, I can just watch the drama, you have to change his heart, he is in his room, go. Kriti goes.

Varun opens the car dickey. Constable asks him to leave. Varun drives off. He doesn’t see Reyansh. Jai takes his clothes. Kriti comes and applies haldi to him. He makes her away. He asks her to leave. She says I love you a lot. He says I love Aradhna, so please leave. She says fine, best of luck. She leaves and smiles. She says it will be fun now.

Aradhna sits for her haldi. She thinks of Reyansh. Everyone applies haldi to her. Nita asks Akash to get Jai. She says I m not happy with Aradhna. She gets a call. She asks is the work done. The man tells something. She thinks Reyansh is more clever than I thought. The lights go off. Reyansh comes in the haldi. He goes. The light gets on. Aradhna thinks was Reyansh here or not.

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Varun says its me, Varun. Aradhna thinks Reyansh can do anything. Reyansh smiles and thinks I did mehendi and haldi rasam with you, I have to explain Jai. Jai says I feel dizzy. Nita asks did they send fake haldi. Jai says no, I have spent the night in the lockup, that’s why I m dizzy. Akash asks him to have some sleep. Jai goes and takes a bath. He gets dizzy.

He sees Reyansh in his room. He scolds Reyansh and asks what did you feed me. Reyansh says I love my dad, Aradhna and you a lot, you aren’t doing right with me, Aradhna loves me, she can’t marry you. They argue. Reyansh says I can’t see Aradhna with you.

Aradhna gets ready. Reyansh says Jai, you will understand me, you won’t get hurt, sleep, until you wake up, I will marry Aradhna. Jai says you are doing wrong, you came in Kriti’s words. Reyansh recalls Kriti spiking Jai’s drink and asking him to help her. Reyansh says sorry, its your bed time, Aradhna will be mine, sleep well. He leaves.

Aradhna gets Jai’s message. She thinks of Reyansh. Jagruti says come, your baraat has come. Varun asks Nita to dance. Everyone dances. Kriti says I will pull the groom’s nose. She goes and sees Reyansh. She smiles.

Jai argues with Kriti. She angrily shoots him. Aradhna removes the sehra and sees Reyansh.