Kundali Bhagya 6th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Preeta and Shristhi hide in the room of Karan

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Palki tells Rajveer he is high and under the influence, Karina is glad that both Shaurya and Rajveer still under the influence told their heart feelings otherwise she was confused, Mahesh also explains they both have really done a great thing, he is glad they are living with this technology because they found the truth of their sons, Kavya also is glad they found out the truth, Rishab gets furious with her saying she must leave but Kavya insists on staying. Sandy comes down with the milkshake when Nidhi asks him to turn it off but Bani Dadi says they are enjoying it and so it would not be turned off, karan agrees with her.

Shaurya tries to leave but Shanaya stops him saying he said he likes her but should say that I LOVE YOU, Shaurya then replies that he also loves Shanaya hearing which Nidhi is shocked while Karan and Rishab both start smiling. Palki says she will bring water for him but Rajveer also gets up to stand in front of her, he asks her to wait and then turning Palki goes to the mirror, he forces her to sit on it and then kneels in front of her , the entire Luthra family is really enjoying the scene. Rajveer once again is about to reveal hiss feelings, palki tries to stop him but he puts his finger on her lips asking her to stay quiet, he says he would surely say it today, Rajveer then corrects the hair of Palki saying I LOVE YOU PALKI, hearing this Rakhi and Karina start smiling. Palki is also shocked to hear that Rajveer also loves her, she starts getting a bit shy while Rajveer shouts saying I LOVE YOU< Rajveer is not able to control himself and is dancing in the room, while Shaurya is also dancing with Shanaya. Palki tries to calm him down while Rajveer throws the feathers in the pillow in the air, Palki is shocked. Shanaya hugging Shaurya starts dancing, he is also not able to understand what is going on. Kavya and Bani Dadi start smiling seeing it all, Nidhi goes to Sandy questioning what is he doing standing here as he should go and bring Shaurya out of that room, Sandy runs away.Palki is amazed while Rajveer keeps throwing the feathers from the pillow in the air, she also starts smiling after a while witnessing what Rajveer is doing, she joins him throwing the feathers on his face but is so much under the influence that he cannot even control himself, Palki helps him as he starts taking off the feathers from her head, Palki keeps staring Rajveer who is also just looking at her.Kavya says she will make some herbal drink for Rajveer who would come out from the influence, Bani Dadi also asks her to take the same drink for Shanaya, she vows they would scold the children.Girja is standing waiting for the auto when Preeta stops in the auto and is about to head into the Luthra mansion, Girja stops her saying that she is the same women whom she thought was the wife of Karan sir, the auto driver says he also saw her in the newspaper and she is the wife of Karan sir but Preeta replies that she came to meet Nidhi mam, Shristhi is shocked to see that Preeta je has also arrived here so thinks of a plan to stop her, Shristhi acts as if she is about to b unconscious when Girja helps her sit in the auto, Shristhi gets worried thinking if she wakes up then Preeta di would surely take her to the Luthra mansion, she in a low voice says that she wants to go back to her house but Girja explains that Shristhi is ill so they need to take her to the house from the lift, they all take Shristhi to the lift.Shaurya is with Shanaya when Sandy enters the room questioning Shaurya what is going on, Sandy tells Shaurya to go be with the family since they all are waiting for him, Shaurya does not understand when Sandy reveals that Shanaya confessed her feelings to him and they are waiting for him, Sandy even says that Rajveer also confessed his love to Palki hearing which Shaurya says that it cannot happen when Sandy says that he gave Shaurya two such big news but he is worried about how Rajveer proposed Palki, Shaurya leaves angrily. Garesh also tells Shanaya she will be conscious very soon.Girja andPreeta help Shristhi lie on the bed when Preeta is shocked seeing the room is of Karan Luthra so tells Girja, Shristhi is also stunned wondering how do they get trapped in such big problems and thinks it would be even wrong if she wakes up, Girja assures Preeta there is nothing to be worried about so she closes the door of the room, Girja explains that she will bring lemonade for them both, Shristhi slowly starts waking up when Preeta asks what was she doing here so Shristhi once again falls unconscious, Preeta tries waking her up but she does not respond, Preeta wonders if she can do what she planned to do.Palki is helping Rajveer, she thinks this is what she desired that Rajveer should fall in love with her and they establish a life together but she wonders if he would even remember it, Kavya brings the herbal drink hugging Palki, she says that she knew both palki and Rajveer would look good together, Palki does not understand when Kavya explains that everyone heard and saw what was going on in this room, and how Rajveer expressed his feelings to her, kavya says she will first give the drink to her brother Rajveer, Palki does not understand when Kavya explains that her mother found this drink as her father was a heavy drinker in the past, Palki gets shocked asking if everyone heard, Palki leaves.Kavya goes to sit beside Rajveer trying to wake him up but he does not respond so she twists his nose and he immediately wakes up, Rajveer tells Kavya that they both are siblings hearing which Kavya agrees when Rajveer explains that she is not understanding they are biological siblings, Kavya asks him to have the drink when Rajveer says they both have the same mother, kavya says that she desires it should be the truth but he keeps saying that they both have the same mothers, she forces him to have the drink which Rajveer does not like at all, Kavya force him but he tries to run away when she scolds him and then he drinks it.Bani Dadi says that today they all are proposing each other when Mahesh says he has still not proposed Rakhi jee, Karina questions who put the camera in the rooms which Rishab turned off, Rishab asks why are they interfering in the lives of their children, Rakhi says that Rishab made a mistake as they found out the truth after seeing in the screen as they never tell anything, Karina asks Rakhi Bhabhi what else did she want to see as they found out that Shanaya and Shaurya love each other, while Rajveer and Palki are in love with each other so what else did she want to see, Rakhi starts smiling when Karina says that Rakhi is the Grandmother of Shaurya and even Rajveer is like her Grandchild, Rishab also starts smiling. Rakhi says they all are behaving like elders but she feels they should remain friends with children and not behave like elders with them as then they tend to get from them, Nidhi asks what are they all talking about when Mahesh explains they are talking of the right thing and Palki has arrived, they ask her to come and sit with bani Dadi, palki is hesitant when bani Dadi explains all of her secrets have been released, Karan also pulls a feather from her head when Bani Dadi says that these things cannot remain a secret, Palki gets really embarrassed when kavya comes mentioning that they all were wrong as they thought Rajveer loves Shanaya, Palki standing explains that this is what she is trying to say that Rajveer loves Shanaya, Mahesh says she is a liar when Rakhi stands in front of her explaining they all saw what happened in the room and even has seen how Rajveer looks at her and it is the feelings of love, Karina also asks Palki why is she so tensed as they did not know that she loves Rajveer and Shaurya is in love with Shanaya but now the truth has been revealed. Bani Dadi is also praising how the couples were in the house but were reveled today, as Rajveer, palki and Shaurya, Shanaya who are all made for each other. Mahesh praises her for the observation.Sandy tells Shaurya how his relation has been fixed with Shanaya, Shaurya replies there is no relation as they cannot be a match for each other, he angrily goes back upstairs.Rakhi says she always really liked Palki for her Shaurya but she also likes Shanaya a lot, Bani Dadi says she is really enjoying and not able to control herself, Rakhi says even she is really enjoying so they all start dancing when Karina showers her love on palki who is a bit nervous. Nidhi gets furious seeing how they all are enjoying and her plan failed.

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