Barsatein 6th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Reyansh refuses to help Aradhna

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The Episode starts with Reyansh saying I had a childhood dream to work with Jai, the channel launch will be a big hit. Jai asks Kriti won’t be there any party. She says we will party after TRP comes. Aradhna comes there and says I can’t let this happen with my sister, I have to stop Reyansh. She asks for Reyansh. The man says Sir has gone for broadcast. Reyansh hugs Jai. Kriti thinks their friendship will break because of Aradhna. Aradhna comes and thinks time is less. Aradhna goes to talk to Reyansh. He asks what happened. She says I told Malini the truth about our relation. He says you are lying. She says you can talk to her if you want. He makes her wear his jacket. She says she made a request, you have to fulfill it, I promised her. Reyansh says I promise you, you don’t need to ask me anything, I m just yours. She says please stop this news. He asks what, we are launching the news channel. She says no. He says I can die for my love and work, this news channel is the base of Jai and my friendship, what shall I tell Viren, I m backing out of a story because of a girl, why. She says someone is blackmailing Malini and Kimaya, someone has Angad and Kimaya’s video, if Kimaya gets defamed, then… He says I will handle Kimaya. She says please don’t do this, it’s a chance to rectify that mistake, Kimaya is my sister, how can you let this happen, you love me, right, please for the sake of that love. He says I can’t do this, you are thinking of our love now, you know I don’t mix professional and personal feelings, someone would blackmail before every news, shall we stop giving news, I will handle Kimaya. She says I will fall in Malini’s sight. He says you are using your love to stop me. She says my video was also out, it ruined my life, same thing is going to happen with Kimaya, I can’t let this happen. He says I got shot to get a criminal caught, I can’t spare this criminal, we will protect Kimaya and expose the blackmailer, please let me do this. She says you always broke my trust. She goes out and cries. Malini calls her and asks did you talk to Vikram, what did he say. Aradhna says he said his ethics are imp. Malini says no, explain him, Kimaya is weak at this time, stop the news bulletin, please.

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Aradhna thinks I will stop him. Vikram asks Reyansh to come, they all are ready. Viren comes and says sorry, we need to change the airport scam news. Reyansh asks why, did Aradhna say something. Viren says something happened, business is on my name, change the news. Reyansh says its my show, my news. Jai says do as Vikram is saying, play the tape. Vikram plays the news.

They all clap. The news clip gets changed. Reyansh and Jai are shocked. Reyansh asks Vikram what did you do. Vikram says nothing. Jai says I have changed the news. Reyansh asks did Aradhna come to you. Jai says yes. He recalls Aradhna pleading for help. He asks what about Kimaya, she is in a big problem. Reyansh says you took the decision without asking me, nothing is imp than work ethics. Jai says its imp for me, I can’t let Kimaya lose her respect, you didn’t understand what’s imp for Kimaya, its your duty to save her respect, I m not sorry, you should stand by her if you truly love her. Reyansh says we will change news every day because we are scared of the blackmailer, is this the fight of truth for you. Jai says we will handle this, you don’t understand your love. Reyansh says I promised her, I will catch that blackmailer. Jai says then catch him now. Reyansh says fine, I m out of it. Jai says no, you have your love and friend here, I won’t let you go. Kriti looks on and smiles. Reyansh gets angry and throws the chair. Vikram asks him to calm down. Reyansh says I will beat you now. Vikram asks why do you get angry on friends. He says try to understand, you are not the boss. Reyansh says Aradhna went to Jai and stopped the news. Vikram asks the matter. Reyansh thinks why did Aradhna go to Jai. He says Jai went against me today. Akash says you are right, I m also surprised. Reyansh says he might have got emotional, I will talk to Jai. He goes. Kriti asks why is everyone getting hyper, why did Jai decide this on Aradhna’s word, she is a wonderful journalist, but I m sure there would be something imp. Akash says their fight isn’t cool. She says I will talk to Jai. He says you are sensible. He goes.

Aradhna and Reyansh argue. Jai and Viren meet with an accident.