Kavya 9th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Kavya meets Adi

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The Episode starts with Giriraj asking Omi to use the money against Rajeev. Omi says I have got the file against Rajeev already, we will file a corruption case. Giriraj explains him. He says we have to send Rajeev to jail, they should get the bribe money from his house. He jokes. Omi starts laughing and claps. Omi says your thinking is amazing. Giriraj smiles and says think how will this money reach Rajeev’s house. Omi takes the money. A man greets Rajeev. Kavya hears them talking about some work. The man leaves. She asks what are you doing, will you do the work without any written order, rules are made for some reason. Rajeev says he is Joshi ji, I trust him, he said he will send the order, don’t worry, everything will be fine, where is my gift. She shows Navya’s coat and stethoscope. He cries and says I got this for Navya, where is it. Kavya says sorry, I forgot it in the academy. He says its okay, get it next time. Adi sees the coat and says I won’t get it, you come and take it. Malini comes. She asks who are you talking to. He says Kavya. He complains about Kavya. She asks him to have coffee.

He says she fooled you too, I m not sad, but angry, she has hurt me. Malini says its in your heart. Kavya says we have to find Navya’s stethoscope, I can’t go there, you have to go. Malini consoles Adi. She cries and says you got worried when you were sent to the hostel, you get restless when you lose something you love. He shows Navya’s coat. She asks why didn’t you return it, its your duty. Giriraj and Omi come. He says we have found a way to send the gift to Bansals. Kavya says when you go there, tell them that you are Kavya’s brother. Mayank agrees. Omi sneaks into Adi’s room at night. He puts the money in Navya’s coat.

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Giriraj and Adi argue in the morning. Adi asks him not to argue with Malini. Giriraj says I can’t have bitterness all day, go, have a good day. Adi leaves. Kavya asks what, its not in my room. The man says no. She says forget it. He asks are you tense about the posting. She says no, I m not scared, but excited. Giriraj asks did you do it. Omi says yes. Giriraj laughs.

Rajeev says I m thinking to take Kavya out today. Anjali says Shubh might have called her. Rajeev says I will find a better guy for Kavya. She says he has apologized, is it easy to forget everything. Adi comes to meet Kavya. She thinks stop coming in my thoughts. He follows her. She asks are you really there. He says I m really hurt. She says you thought I will meet you and talk to you, no, leave. He says I will go, I had some work. She argues. He says I got suspended, I should be angry, friendship and trust, everything got over. She asks why did you come. Shubh asks him to leave.

They argue. She asks them not to fight. Shubh pushes Adi. Adi also pushes him back. They start fighting. Adi’s bag falls away. Adi runs to get it. He sees the van leaving.

Kavya says my dad is in jail, thanks to you and Giriraj, my dad will get released and celebrate Diwali at home. Adi is shocked.