Chand Jalne Laga 8th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Deva saves Tara’s life

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Chand Jalne Laga 8th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Deva opening the door. Tara gets inside the storeroom and pushes the door. The roof starts breaking suddenly. Tara calls Mr. Malik. She falls and faints, while calling for help, and then takes Deva’s name. Deva reaches the glass house, and takes out his ear plugs. He senses she is in trouble and says Tara Maam. He is coming there. Tara sees little Deva coming there and gets up. She sees the roof falling. Deva comes there and hears her shouting. Tara comes to the door and says roof is falling, and asks him to open the door. He asks her not to lose strength and tells that he will pull the door when he counts 3. He pulls the door and it opens. Tara is about to fall inside, and get hit by the stone, when Deva pulls her towards him and she falls on him. He hugs her. Tara looks at him. Chand jalne laga………..She recalls him sending there. She says your papers are inside, I will bring it. Deva asks her not to get mad. Tara says you don’t want my work to be completed. She says I am trying to do the work and you don’t want me to complete the work. Deva says if I had known that the place is dangerous then I wouldn’t have sent you here. Tara says you have deliberately sent me here, when I was enjoying the function with my family. She says you knows well that I will not work with you, and that’s why you trapped me in a contract, she asks him how he doesn’t know that she has a family and has responsibility, and says she is his employee and not a slave. She turns to go and asks him to leave her dupatta. He frees her dupatta from the table. She goes out.

Palash asks Ananya why did she dance publicky and tells that she is Duggal family bahu and shall not dance again. Ananya is shocked. Deva comes to Badshah and says I saved her, and she scolded me. He asks Badshah to have food and says I will not say her sorry, she shall thank me. The horse neighs. Deva says you have changed your team, and asks it to have food. Horse neighs. Deva says ok, don’t eat. Tara thinks he is rotten bittergourd and thinks of himself as Shahrukh khan. Palash looks at her through key hole. Tara senses someone is seeing her and comes out. Palash pretends to come there. Tara asks did you see someone here? Palash says yes, he saw Mr. Malik going and asks if you was changing the clothes? He says sick man to Mr. Malik and Tara goes angrily.

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Ananya thinks to apologize to Palash and says she don’t want to upset him. She collides with Palash’s friend and asks did you see him? The friend says you are looking beautiful, and says he is in his room and will be happy to see you. Ananya goes. The friend tells the other that Palash will be sad to look at her, she is looking like joker, and says poor Palash.

Tara comes to Badshah and asks why you stay with Mr. Malik and asks it to come to her. She asks Vasant kaka about him and goes to the lake. Ananya comes to Palash and apologizes to him. She says she will keep in mind that she is his family’s bahu and will not do anything against his wish. She says she has promised to go live with him for her followers and asks him to come. She sits with Palash on the bed and asks him to look at the camera. Palash sees her sleeveless dress and breaks phone in anger.

Tara comes to the lake and shouts Mr. Malik. He is at the other side of lake and asks what you are doing here? Tara sits on the boat and comes to him. She confronts him for eying on her when she was in the room. She says first you held my pallu. He says he didn’t hold it, and tells that it was stuck in the table. Tara says I didn’t see so might agree, but I saw you peeping in my room when I was changing clothes. She asks why is he silent? Deva says he don’t want to clarify and wants some peace. Tara asks how dare you to do this cheap thing. Deva keeps his finger on her mouth….Chand jalne laga plays…..He signs her to see the fireflies. Tara looks at the fireflies and recalls bringing Deva there to see the fireflies. Episode ends.