Kavya 27th December 2023 Written Episode Update

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Kavya accepts Giriraj’s deal. Kavya says to Giriraj that that she will convince Adi that she left him for her work but in return he needs to give her the unlicensed alcohol manufacturing hideouts. Giriraj asks Kavya why would she think he would help her. Kavya says to Giriraj that there is a benefit for him in doing this. Kavya says to Giriraj with this it can be proved that she gives more importance to her work than her love. Giriraj agrees to give her the information. Kavya leaves from there.

Kavya returns home. Rajiv asks Kavya if she will destroy her life and career over Adi. Kavya says to Rajiv that she will leave Adi. Kavya swears on Rajiv that she will leave Adi.

Kavya calls Omi and asks Omi if Adi got released from jail. Omi asks Kavya if she doesn’t trust them. Kavya says yes. Omi asks. Kavya if she would like to see Adi. Kavya says yes but when she tries to video call him. Omi cuts the call.

Adi comes out of jail and asks Malini why hasn’t Kavya come here. Giriraj says they don’t know where is Kavya. Adi goes to meet Kavya.

The police announce that Adi is released as he is proven innocent and the murderer surrendered himself to the cops.

Kajri hearing this calls Kavya and apologises to Kavya for lashing out at her. Kajri says Adi got released from jail. Kavya says she knows and later cuts the call.

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Anjali takes Rajiv to a side and asks Rajiv if he thinks he did the right thing. Rajiv says he is only stopping Kavya from choosing a wrong life partner.

Adi comes to Kavya’s house to meet her. Rajiv asks Adi to leave and says he doesn’t want any drama here.

Adi says he came here to meet Kavya. Kavya recalls the word given to Giriraj.

Adi tries to talk to Kavya. Kavya says to Adi that she would like to tell him something. Kavya scolds Adi saying she would have nearly lost her job because of what he has done. Kavya says to Adi that he is impulsive and reckless. Adi apologises to Kavya that he knows it is his fault but he pleads with Kavya not to talk to her like this. Kavya says to Adi that they can’t be together. Adi reminds Kavya that she said yes to him. Kavya says now she is saying no. Rajiv takes Adi away from there.

Precap: Kavya slaps Omi and comments on Omi. Adi asks Kavya if she has gone mad. Kavya says she can’t be with a person who doesn’t know the value of her work. Adi says he can’t stay with a person who thinks love is a hurdle.