Barsatein 27th December 2023 Written Episode Update


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Reyansh and Aradhana are out in the rain while Aradhana tries to book a cab. Reyansh mocks Aradhana in return. Aradhana tells him that the latter doesn’t understand her. Reyansh says to her that he still has hope. Aradhana says she stopped having hope. Reyansh removes the umbrella from him and Aradhana, so Aradhana pleads him not to let her get drenched in rain. Both Reyansh Aradhana gets closer. Reyansh tells her the rainy weather belongs to them. Aradhana decides to leave, but Reyansh stops her. He then twirled her around. Aradhana dances around Reyansh to a romantic song. Reyansh brings Aradhana closer to him. He is about to kiss her but then realises it’s all his dream after Aradhana questions him what he is thinking. Reyansh mocks her for not being romantic in real life but only in dreams. He then receives a call learning his car is working. Aradhana gets relieved.

Here, Neeta cautions Akash about having samosa. Akash decides not to have it. Bhakti also agrees with Neeta. Varun arrives there and inquires about Aradhana’s whereabout reminding the family members it’s after 10pm. Jai says that Aradhana is stuck in the rain, but she will reach the house soon. Neeta taunts Aradhana also says Reyansh is her boss, so definitely he will trouble her. Akash defends Aradhana’s situation to Neeta. Jai gets upset and worried, so he goes inside.

Aradhana urges Reyansh to drive the car fast, but Reyansh refuses, which annoys Aradhana. Reyansh starts driving the car fast, which scares Aradhana. She tries to change Reyansh’s decision of rash driving, but Reyansh refuses. Meanwhile, Jai recalls everything that happened, so he decides to have an alcohol but Neeta enters his room, so he hides it from her, but Neeta notices it, so she expresses her worry about his well-being. Jai compares himself with Reyansh and calls himself a useless person. He also blames himself for their business facing loss. Neeta gets upset and puts all the blame on Aradhana for their situation. Jai requests Neeta not to blame Aradhana because it’s him who fell for Aradhana and also landed them all in trouble.

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There, Aradhana gets relieved when their car stops in a traffic light. Reyansh teases her, which angers Aradhana, so she scolds him. Here, Jai suggests Neeta return to London, but Neeta refuses. She also decides to take Baani’s help, which shocks Jai. Meanwhile, a guy who sells rose in the traffic light meets Reyansh and Aradhana. Aradhana clarifies to him that Reyansh isn’t her husband. She also gives some money for that guy’s mother’s medical treatment. In return, the guy gives each rose to Aradhana and Reyansh, then leaves.

Aradhana receives a call from Jai, who inquires when she is returning home. Aradhana informs about an important meeting which she has to attend it. Jai gets furious learning that Reyansh is still with Aradhana. He visits her office. Reyansh and Aradhana arrive there. Aradhana promises Jai to return soon wrapping up the meeting. Reyansh smirks at Jai. Later, Reyansh annoys Aradhana by raising questions about Jai’s trust in her. He then prevents her from falling down, which Jai sees it and gets furious. He questions Aradhana. Reyansh warns Jai not to speak to Aradhana in such tone, but Aradhana asks Reyansh to stay away from them. Jai mocks Reyansh’s trusting ability.

Precap: Aradhana learns through her colleague about an important news coverage, so she rushes there. Meanwhile, Jai waits for Aradhana. Aradhana opens a car and gets shocked to see something.