Kavya 26th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Kavya learns her family’s woes

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The Episode starts with Kavya asking is this not love. Adi pushes her and laughs. He says you make good stories, you lost the job, you have much time to write stories. He goes. She smiles. Santu tries to recall Badi Amma’s words. He says she told me something imp. Its morning, Adi sees the sweater made by Kavya. He smiles. Santu says Kavya stayed awake all night and made it. Adi says I will beat you if you say nonsense. Santu says Kavya loves you a lot, patch up with her, stay happy. Adi says you want everything to become like before. He wears his shoes. Santu says don’t beat me. Adi asks where is she. Santu says she has gone to her Maayka to play holi, she will come by evening. Kavya says I m going to raid the fridge. Anjali worries. She says we will sit and talk. She asks Mayank to get the food. Kavya says wait, I will keep the sweets and come. Rajeev says no, we will eat the sweets. Kavya asks what’s going on. She goes and checks the fridge. She checks the electrical appliances.

She checks that there is no power. She asks when did this happen. Anjali says there is voltage problem. Kavya says you are lying. Anjali gets a call. Kavya goes and checks the taps. Malini sees Alka sleeping and asks Omi to come. Alka wakes up. She says I will feed him. Malini says I have prepared the bottle milk for him. She takes Omi and goes. Alka cries. Kavya says don’t lie to me, this is happening intentionally, they are taking revenge on you. She cries. Anjali says its our fight also. Rajeev says we will lose when you lose. Kavya comes home and talks to Adi. She scolds him. She says you and your dad have troubled my family, I didn’t know you are so mean, don’t think I will get scared and step back. She calls Sanjeev. She says I don’t have a job, so… He asks do you want money, tell me. She says no, I was buying new tv and fridge for parents, they want guarantee, can I give your name. He says yes, but I will buy it, you can return money later. She says no. He says I m your friend, just call me for any help. She thanks him. She prays. Santu says I remember, Badi Amma told me something. Kavya asks what did she say. He says I forgot, I m a fool. Adi asks did you do this. Giriraj says yes, she came into the house forcibly and troubled us, what shall I do, why, do you pity her. Adi says no, we can’t do cheap things like her. Kavya goes to Alka and asks why are you crying. Alka says Malini fed him the bottle milk, she doesn’t listen to me. Kavya says its wrong, we will talk to her, she isn’t a bad person, she should understand that you are Omi’s mum.

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Sanjeev gets the fridge and tv for Rajeev and Anjali. Rajeev says you have a big heart, we will return your money. Anjali says TV and microwave isn’t needed. Sanjeev says I didn’t get it. He checks the bill and says there is no name written. He asks the man to say the name. Adi stops the car and sees the sweater. Sanjeev comes and scolds him. Adi asks him to leave. Sanjeev says you love Kavya. Adi argues.

Sanjeev says your heart knows the truth, ask your heart, can Kavya kill Omi. Malini scolds Alka. Kavya stops Malini from taking the baby. She says its Alka’s right to feed her baby, don’t keep baby away from her. Alka says Kavya is right. Sanjeev says I can’t believe that Kavya killed Omi, she has respected your family a lot, your dad always troubled her. Malini says Kavya, wow, you made Alka against me, you killed Omi. She apologizes to baby. She says I have to separate you from your mum forever, because of Kavya taking revenge on you, we don’t know how, I m there with you, I will not let you get harmed. She asks Alka to give the baby. Alka and Kavya stop her. Malini says no. Kavya says leave the baby. Sanjeev and Adi come home. Adi shouts Kavya…. Malini asks Adi to see, Kavya has snatched the baby. She cries and hugs him. Kavya says I didn’t do anything. Adi stops her.
Kavya comes to Badi Amma and confronts her. Badi Amma asks what will you do. Adi comes to some event. A blast happens there.