Atal 26th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Atal Teaches A Lesson To Tomar

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The episode starts with Babban telling villagers that if Atal is so habituated to play holi with strangers, why don’t he play holi with their known one Tomar. He says Atal will not do that. Atal walks in and says why wouldn’t he play holi with Tomar chacha. He says Tomar and his team consider him as enemy, but he considers them as his dear one. Lalitha asks if he really wants to play holi with them and throws away Atal’s color thali. She insults Atal and all the villagers saying they would never play holi with inferiors, etc. She warns Atal to dare not color them.

Atal requests Tomar to come aside. Villagers taunt Tomar if he is afraid of a boy. Tomar arrogantly walks with Atal. Atal asks him to let villagers apply holi to him or else they will stop talking to him and his fear over them will vanish, he will be left with no power even after being a policeman, etc. He returns to villagers. Tomar brings color and applies it to Babulal. Babulal says he lost his power but not his arrogance yet and applies color back to him. Each villager taunt Tomar and apply color to him. KM smirks seeing Tomar’s condition. Lalitha also tongue lashes Tomar for getting afraid of a kid and giving up easily.

Atal and his whole family then play holi with all villagers. Villagers drag Alok with them and play holi with him. Alok’s father fumes that he is insulted by bride’s family because of Alok and says Alok is enjoying holi with Vimla not worried about them. Mother asks if Vimla is alive. Father says yes, he inquired and learnt that she is hale and healthy now. Mother says Vimla’s brother Atal is more scheming than her and must have manipulated Alok. Father says he will never reaccept Alok again in their family again.

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Holi celebration continues. Awadh applies color to Saraswati and says he sometimes get angry on her, but he loves her a lot. She also enjoys holi with him. Drama continues…

Precap: Tomar determines to take revenge from Vajpayee family by mixing poison in thandai during Vajpayee family’s poetry event at home. He gives poison to Lalitha and asks her to mix it in Thandai, let’s see how people punish them.