Kavya 22nd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Kavya and Adi’s romantic moment

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The Episode starts with Mayank saying we will go to Giriraj’s house. Kavya says we will get an answer there, we will go. He gets happy and hugs her. She asks why are you happy. He says I will change and come. Sanjeev says fine. He ends call and says Anusha is coming in Diwali party, Kavya might also come. Adi recalls Kavya. Kavya checks Shubh posting about their relation on social media. Shubh is on call. Gauri says bad sight shouldn’t catch you, how is the wedding theme. Jaideep comes and asks Shubh how did you get that letter signed by Giriraj. Shubh says I told you, Rajeev was in jail, I went to Giriraj and asked him to sign. Jaideep thinks you aren’t so resourceful, Giriraj won’t agree easily, how did you do this. Gauri says Shubh, go and give sweets to Kavya’s family, tell them that pandit will come tomorrow to fix the date. Shubh leaves. Giriraj sees Malini angry and starts singing. He asks Omi did she read his speech. She says no, I had no time. Giriraj says it was imp, you should have read it. She asks will I fix it, I don’t know to fix it, I have done wrong till now, just you know to fix, you do it. He says you think I won’t be able to give the speech, I can handle it, I won’t fold hands to you. He leaves with Omi. Alka says everyone went, now it will be fun. She practices dance. Malini looks on and goes. Anusha gets ready. Mayank sees her and smiles. Kavya finds him staring at Anusha. She smiles. She says she will get scared and run away if you stare, let her work to get you, come. He asks her to come. Anjali asks where are you going. Kavya says our friend invited us in Diwali party. Anjali says Shubh will come, take him along. Mayank says he will get bored there.

Anjali gives the letter and says its for Kavya. Kavya smiles and says its my posting order. Anjali asks Rajeev to come fast. She asks where is the posting. Kavya says Bhamalpur. Anjali jokes. Rajeev says its nearby, just a one hour drive. Anjali says good. Mayank says I will meet Kavya every week. Anjali says we will prepare for marriage, you keep coming. Kavya leaves.

Malini asks Adi where are you going. Adi says I don’t want to party, my friends will understand. Sanjeev stops him. He says Anusha and Kavya are coming. Malini sees the servant taking halwa and scolds him. She says I had to take halwa to Mahila ashram. Adi calms her down. He asks what happened to you. Malini says I had to tell them 10 times and even then they make a mistake. He says you take tension on this day every year, what’s the matter. She says its an imp day, I take food for everyone, the women get happy.

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She asks him not to leave. He says I can’t get happy seeing her with someone else. He collides with Kavya and they fall down. Apna bana le…plays… They have an eyelock. Alka jokes and asks him to get Kavya inside. Mayank and everyone smile. Adi gives his hand to Kavya. Shubh says Hi and walks in.

Adi greets Anusha. Shubh says you didn’t say you are coming here. Kavya says we made a sudden plan. Mayank and Sanjeev argue with Shubh. Kavya asks Shubh to come. Adi asks what happened, are you hiding something from Shubh. Kavya says no, you didn’t invite Shubh, why. Adi dances with Anusha. He invites Shubh. Kavya says I m going. Shubh says we will stay back.

Alka asks them to come. Malini sees Kavya and smiles. Giriraj checks some papers. He says Malini didn’t read the speech, she would have fixed it. Omi says dad, you can do it. Giriraj crushes the papers. The man gets the paper and says its your speech, Malini has sent it. Giriraj checks it and smiles. Alka says Kavya should understand her love. Malini smiles. Alka asks Adi to play cards game. Adi and everyone sit to play. Aa dekhe zara….plays… Kavya and Adi make each other jealous. Adi shows the cards and wins. He says Kavya, you are an expert in lying, how did you lose. Shubh asks him to shut up.

Adi holds Anusha close. Kavya holds Shubh’s hand. Mayank and Sanjeev notice Kavya and Adi’s jealousy game. Adi says you are a bluffmaster, you show something and do something, right. Kavya says I m cheating in game, not on life. Adi says breaking trust is cheating only.
Adi and Kavya dance in the party. Tum kya mile….plays… Giriraj asks what’s happening, you both have no match. Kavya says Shubh, I love Adi, not you. She goes to Adi.