Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 22nd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Bhim seeks the help of the worker

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 22nd November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Bhim leaves while Jaggu keeps saying that they will kill him, Inspector questions why is Jaggu crying so much because no one in his class sees anyone else other then Bhim because he got so scared just now but then should look at Bhim who left when Jaggu was worried for his life, Inspector asks the worker to give his statement.

The lawyer is walking with Bhim mentioning he has a lot of confidence because in such a situation people tend to chose their relatives but he stood by both of them and this is why he thought he had made the right decision to stand by him. Bhim explains that he wants to save them both because Jaggu and Phulari are his own people while even Puran is his close so he needs to help them both but does not know how he would do it. The Lawyer takes out some beans for Bhim asking him to eat them but Bhim is hesitant when the lawyer explains that there is no one different in their line of work when they both are working for justice, Bhim mentions it has some pebbles when the lawyer says it is up to him to decide what he must do with it.

Phulari is sitting when the neighbor comes running calling everyone to come and hear what Bhim Rao has done now, he informs that Bhim refused to take back the case, Phulari gets worried asking if this means her Jaggu would die so she sits down in despair mentioning they got in a fight with those from upper class and even the worker gave a false statement, Rama asks her to not be worried as how can he be killed so easily but Phulari asks her to stop acting as if she cares since all this is happening due to her husband, Phulari warns Rama to hear it saying that if Bhim Rao does not take back the case and anything happens to her Jaggu then Bhim Rao would be her biggest enemy when the aunt asks what is she talking about but Phulari leaves saying that her biggest enemy would be Bhim Rao, Jija Bai smiles thinking that one of the enemy of Bhim Rao increased.

Bhim takes all of the grains in one hand and starts removing all of the pebbles one by one seeing which the lawyer asks him to eat it now but Bhim says he will keep these with him and eat them after returning. The lawyer says that if the judge does not feel hundred percent that he should lsiten to the case then would close it, just as Bhim Rao removed the pebbles they must take out all the problems after which the only thing left would be the truth. Bhim asks what does he mean by the truth when the lawyer informs him about all of his plans with which Bhim Rao agrees.

Meghnat sitting with Sethji says that he cannot think of anything that Bhim Rao would fight the case of Puran because he wants to create an image in front of the world that he cares for others but what would they do in this situation, they have to think about it. Sethji explains that the case of Puran would go on for a long time as he would be with Bhim but ask the constables to let Jaggu escape and then perform an encounter, Meghant starts smiling after hearing this plan while his son mentions that once it happens that enemies would increase in his Chawl and after suffering from the death of Jaggu while the case of Puran would surely cause an emotional distress. Meghnat asks the worker to not be angry with his friend anymore since he has also given a witness against Bhim Rao, Sethji explains that he should also ask the worker to come back on his job while even his salary would be increased, the worker also requests his salary to be increased when Sethji says that he would do it once the worker does something bad to Bhim Rao, the worker promises them that he would surely do it.

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Jija Bai smiling exclaims that Phulari has surely become the enemy of Bhim Rao, she enters in excitement only to see Bala holding his head while his wife brings water for him, she suggests he should take some medicine when Bala says from where could he bring the medicine as they donot have any money and he has no idea from who they would ask the money, Karuna says even she does not have money, Jija Bai entering explains that she will give the money for the medicine when Karuna refuses, she says she cannot understand that yesterday was the last day of the month so did she not get the payment, she even asks Lakshmi if she also did not get the money but Lakshmi assures thye would surely get the money today so leaves with Karuna. Jija Bai is suspicious there is something wrong and so thinks about finding the truth, Jija Bai tells Bala that Karuna should have gotten the payment yesterday and why did she say she does not have the money, Jija Bai explains this is how it happens because when the wives earn they refuse to give money however she promises to give Bala money for the medicine.

Bhim tells Rama the plan and explains they would need the help of the worker who gave the statement against Jaggu, Rama asks why would he help them when Bhim explains they have to go and see what happen.

The worker is sitting when his wife says that he should stay away from Bhim Rao and if he meets Bhim again then should kill him which would be the best for them, Bhim comes seeking help from the worker when the friend comes saying that he went against Bhim and became a witness so he is still asking for his help, Rama says she has seen his strength and will and so have come to ask him but the worker says he wants to fight this war without hurting his family, his friend hugs him yelling at Bhim that they both have once again become friends.

Phulari enters the police station when Jaggu explains he is really hurt, Inspector is smiling when Phulari asks what has the inspector done as she is sure he is innocent and not harmed the worker, she says clearly to the Inspector that she would kill herself right here if he does not release her husband but the Inspector questions what is this behavior, he threatens to throw cold water on her husband if she does not stop then he will beat him the entire night so he would die. Phulari pleads with him to not harm her husband but Inspector suggests she should go and tell Bhim to take back the case, Jaggu also tells his wife to go otherwise the Inspector would really beat him, Phulari asks Jaggu to not be worried as she will return and take him from here but Jaggu asks her to go and he himself starts crying.

In the night Bala comes out asking Karuna what is she doing here when Karuna explains that Rama and Bhim have not returned hearing which even Bala gets worried but h says he has heard that she always gets paid on time but why is it being late, Karuna says she will not take the money if she had gotten paid, and assures she will hand him the money but Bala says it happens when the husband is not able to find a job and the wife is earning then she does not tell anything but Karuna pleads with him to not start fighting however Bala assures it is nothing of the sort. Jija Bai is smiling exclaiming that when a person desires to be a husband then he does not change, she vows to once again make Bala just like before as soon as she gets the chance, she is smiling.