Kavya 1st November 2023 Written Episode Update: Adhiraj takes Giriraj’s favor

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The Episode starts with Adhiraj calling Giriraj and saying I have some work. Giriraj asks him to come home and tell him how imp his work is. Shubh comes to Kavya and helps her in work. Main to tere naal hi rehna ji… plays… He talks to her. She says you have come here. He says memories have many things, our feelings were true. She says yes, but the pain was also true. Adhiraj comes home and greets his Bhabhi. He laughs and jokes. She says don’t mix me with words, I m hearing a lot about you, who is Kavya. She feeds him the sweets. He asks who told you about her. She says Omi and Papa ji always talk about her, you like Kavya, right. Shubh says I realized my mistake, I m nothing without you. Kavya asks why. He says look at me, forgive me, will you support me. Adhiraj says it would be true if Giriraj is troubled by this news, maybe… Bhabhi says don’t step back now. He says I like Kavya, her focus, sincerity, dedication, I like it a lot, but she is very boring and irritating, she is mad. She says just say you love her. Kavya smiles and says if this is your dream then I m with you, I will help you in IAS studies, this year you will clear the exams, but one thing, please don’t expect anything else than this, I have no courage to love again. He says you have the courage, our love will get strength, hold my hand, try and see, our love won’t fail this time.

He says fine, you have time if you want, you want vendors now, I have called them, it will be arranged by tomorrow, I will start this hospital. Adhiraj says no, villain’s entry happened. Bhabhi asks are you talking about Papa ji. Omi comes and asks Adhiraj to come and meet dad. Adhiraj says don’t be rude towards Bhabhi. He goes and meets Giriraj. Giriraj welcomes him. Adhiraj asks him to tell the truth, why plan did he had against the hospital. Giriraj says I forgot, I had to limit your heart else you would have not come here for Kavya. Adhiraj says she can handle herself, I saw fear in your eyes. Giriraj says I m not scared of anyone. Adhiraj says Kavya has convinced the villagers. Giriraj laughs and asks him to get the financial help. Adhiraj asks for power supply. He shows the papers. Giriraj says I like it. Adhiraj says the villages will become your fan, sign the papers. Giriraj asks him to show the papers. He signs the papers. He asks are you happy now. Adhiraj smiles and says thank you so much Pa… Giriraj says say it. Adhiraj drinks and leaves.

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Omi says you asked me to stop the project. Giriraj says keep some patience, I didn’t change my destination but the path, call the electricity dept, I want to talk. Its morning, Shubh says Kavya, vendors matter is done. Kavya says finally, paint work will begin. She holds Shubh’s hand and thanks him. Adhiraj comes and hands over the papers. She checks and gets surprised. She says Giriraj sanctioned the power line, thanks. Shubh and Adhiraj argue. Kavya asks Adhiraj to stop it. She says Shubh, Adi is right. Shubh says I will go if you say so. He goes. Adhiraj says wow, so sweet. She smiles. She sees Navya’s pic and talks to her. The work begins at the hospital. Kavya asks about the electricity. The man says our wiring work will complete, I don’t know about that. She worries.

Kavya says we have to get the electricity. Giriraj says she shouldn’t get the electricity. Kavya begins the hospital’s normal functioning.