Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st November 2023 Written Episode Update: Vibhuti Swindles Angoori


Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 1st November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Teeka, Tillu and Vibhu are standing in a field. Teeka says that he cannot see anyone here. Teeka also agrees and says that might have gotten fooled. Vibhu denies. A person named Gittam Gittu shows up. Teeka says what kind of a name is this? He says that he changes his name every 15 days because of police. Gittam hands them a list of names to scam the people, and he tells them that they have to scam all the people even if they are their relatives. Vibhu agrees. He also gives them a pair of new sim cards.
Vibhu starts scamming people, he swindles MasterJi first by distinguishing his voice as of lady. MasterJi gets scammed by 50 thousand. Tillu praises Vibhu and says that he did a very great job. Gittam Gittu shows up and tells them to make more profits, because nothings going to happen with these pennies. He gives them another list. Vibhu says that he will not swindle Angoori, because he’s her neighbour. Gittam Gittu says that it’s against the rule. Vibhu says that he will never do that. Gittam Gittu says that he will post his pictures. Vibhu gets scared and agrees with Gittam Gittu. Vibhu changes his voice and calls Angoori, Vibhu tells her that she won a lottery of 11 lakhs and Angoori gets shocked. Vibhu tells her to calm down. Angoori drinks some water. Vibhu instructs her to long breath. Vibhu gets mesmerised after listening to her breath noises. Vibhu asks if she’s okay now? Angoori agrees. Vibhu gets emotional and tells Angoori that she will get an OTP. Angoori tells him the OTP. Vibhu gets sad but, Vibhu starts crying. Angoori gets ecstatic. Vibhu starts crying and says that he’s helpless.

Angoori opens the door and gets excited to tell the news to Tiwari. Tiwari settles down and Angoori sits with him. Tiwari gets curious to get the news. Angoori tells Tiwari that they won a lucky draw organised by a bank. Tiwari asks Angoori, how much money did they get? Tiwari replies, 11lakh. Tiwari gets worried and opens his phone. Tiwari gets devastated because he got scammed by 11lakhs. Tiwari gets furious. Saxena shows up and asks, what happened? Tiwari starts yelling at Saxena and starts beating him. Tiwari says that Saxena scammed him. Saxena denies and says that their bank is a registered bank and can never do that. Tiwari gets broken down.

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David is reading a news about group scamming people and swindling money from a lot of people. Anu brings coffee for herself and David. Anu says that it only happens to careless people. David agrees and says that police should take actions against these kinds of groups. Tiwari comes inside crying and tells Anu that he got scammed by a person, Angoori told an OTP to that person, and he took all the money off his account. Tiwari blames it on Angoori. Anu suggests they should go to police station. Tiwari passes out.

Happu is sitting in the police station. Manohar says that he wants promotion. Happu says that he also needs one, but people are against him in this system, they always do politics against him. Manohar asks who? Happu replies, hight authority. Manohar asks, Commissioner? Happu agrees. Manohar gets angry and says that he would never let that happen to himself. Happu asks him to bring some tea.

Tillu video calls Happu Singh. Happu picks up the call. Tillu changes his voice to a lady, and he starts seducing him. Happu gets confused. Tillu hangs up the call. Tillu now calls him as a hight authority of police department. Happu picks up the call. Tillu says that he will kick him out of the position in department. Happu asks why? Tillu gives him the clip he recorded and says that now he will have to leave his job, because he will send this clip to higher office. Happu gets worried and requests him not to do that. Tillu asks him about the code he got on his phone. Happu tells him the code. Tillu swindles money out of Happu too. Tillu hangs up the call. Happu gets shocked.

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