Kavya 1st March 2024 Written Episode Update: Kavya accepts the challenge

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The Episode starts with Adi asking what’s going on. Adi and Giriraj talk to Badi Amma. Giriraj taunts Kavya. She says one day, truth will come out and you will bear the punishment. Giriraj says law has given me a clean chit. Adi says a criminal doesn’t need to give a proof, you have a habit to buy the law, we know you aren’t innocent. Adi says Kavya won’t do anything for Giriraj. Kavya says no, Adi, I will do, I will prove that I can become an ideal bahu and IAS officer. Adi says its not needed. She says its needed, I won’t let anyone point a finger at you. Adi goes. Omi comes and greets Badi Amma. He says I was busy. She says you are useless, you are a branch with no flower. Omi and Alka feel bad and leave. Anurag says what a move, Dadi has come and started making Kavya dance, Kavya will leave IAS on her own. Giriraj says a woman can win over woman with love and fight. Badi Amma asks Kavya to take the mat and spread it on the floor. She says you have to sleep here. Adi comes and asks what. Badi Amma jokes. Adi says you will make your bahu do this. She asks will you teach me now. He says stop it. She says trust me, I won’t do wrong, I will also sleep here, don’t get upset now. Kavya says don’t argue with her for my sake. Adi says its wrong. She says it’s a challenge, I never lose. She sends him. He goes to his room. He also makes his bedding on the floor and lies down.

Kavya and Badi Amma also lie to sleep. He calls Kavya. She asks why are you sleeping on the floor. He says because you are also sleeping. She says I can’t talk, Badi Amma will hear it. Adi asks Kavya to come. She says if we get caught then it will be Vanvas forever. He says its good, you, me and Santu. She laughs and jokes on Badi Amma. Badi Amma says stop the Ram leela and sleep now. Adi says good night. Kavya ends the call. Badi Amma snores. Kavya catches her nose. She tries to stop her snoring. Kavya sleeps. Badi Amma shouts in sleep and gets up. She says its 4 am, get up, there is cold water, go and take a bath. Kavya looks at her. She takes a bath and comes shivering. Badi Amma asks her to get ready. She asks Kavya to do Surya puja. Kavya does it. Badi Amma says we will do Gayatri mantra jaap now, you won’t know, read after me. Kavya chants it. Malini gets the coffee. Badi Amma dislikes and throws it. She cleans her hands with Kavya’s saree. Kavya says its mine. Badi Amma says fine, take it. Alka says I won’t go to doctor. Omi says we will go without telling Badi Amma, I have promised Alka. Kavya says Omi is brave.

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Adi asks Omi to come with him. Badi Amma asks what’s the matter, come to the point. Adi asks Omi and Alka to come. He says let me take them to the doctor, he will help them in having a child. She says I also want to play with the child, but I will do everything who is given by Lord, not by IVF, I won’t accept that child as this house’s heir. She scolds Adi. Alka cries. Adi says car is ready at the back gate, you trust me, right. Kavya nods. Adi takes Alka and Omi with him. Badi Amma asks Kavya to see the wheat in the sacks. She says its from my farm, this is Chakki, you have to put wheat here and grind it, it will become Atta, we kept Shanti paath today, we will make puris and arrange Brahman bhoj. Kavya says I have to go for work. Badi Amma says you can’t go out, its abshagun. She goes. Santu comes. Kavya asks how shall I rotate this. He says I will teach you everything. He shows her how it works. Badi Amma comes and scolds him. He runs away. Badi Amma asks Kavya to grind the wheat. She goes and locks the door. She sits outside on a chair. Kavya grinds the atta. A man calls Kavya and says you reopened Navya’s case, a reporter said he has some proof, he said he will meet you and tell you, he is going to village, he has his bus in half an hour, will you come. She says I will come. She sees Badi Amma.

The episode ends