Bhagya Lakshmi 1st March 2024 Written Episode Update: Tough situation for Rishi-Lakshmi

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The Episode starts with Dadi asking Rishi about Rohan. Rishi says he is very happy there, it seems like he got a second home. Dadi says she has made it. She then asks about Paro and asks how she is, who have scolded her. She insists to meet her. Rishi says he can’t bring her here, as she came for school program. Dadi tells that she will come there. Rishi says Paro is a nice girl. Dadi says I was about to meet her mother, but made her go, being afraid that Neelam will scold her. Rishi says I will make you meet her, says cement promise. Dadi says Lakshmi used to say this. Rishi says he will go now and goes.

The boys get surprised to see Rohan climbing on the tree. The boy says he has climbed like a monkey. Siddharth takes a girl’s help to take Paro outside. The girl says nothing shall be dangerous else she will take his name. Siddharth assures her. Rohan looks at the kite and looks at Lakshmi in the class. He thinks to call her Maa and tell her after he picks the kite. Rishi is in the car and thinks he always wanted a daughter like Paro and thinks she is also like his daughter. Paro comes out with Soni. Siddharth asks why did she tell the Principal and ruining his life. Paro says you should have thought this before drinking cigarette.

Paro runs out of the school. Siddharth asks her not to go out and follows her thinking that if something happens to her, then he will be trapped. Paro runs and goes far, and he couldn’t find her. Lakshmi gets the flashes of losing one of her baby and opens her eyes. Rohan gets the kite. The boy tells Rohan that there is a snake there. Rohan loses the balance being afraid and falls, but holds the tree branches. Lakshmi hears the kids calling Rohan and sees him hanging holding the branches. She runs out. Rohan falls down from the tree and Lakshmi holds him and they fall. Rishi sees Paro standing on the road and crying, and runs to hug her. He asks why did she come out? Lakshmi calls Rohan. Rohan faints. Lakshmi gets worried for him and cries. Principal asks what happened to him. The boy says he fell down from the tree.

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Principal says we shall take him to the hospital. Lakshmi lifts him and they leave to go to hospital. Lakshmi reaches hospital and asks Doctor to check him, says he is not opening his eyes. Doctor says he has to check if he has any internal injuries. Rohan is taken inside. Lakshmi cries. Principal says she will call Rohan’s father. Rishi complains to Principal about Siddharth and another girl who took Paro out. Peon takes Paro with her to identify the girl. Doctor comes out and tells Lakshmi that he has to do his leg surgery. Lakshmi is in shock. Principal tells that Mr. Oberoi is not picking the call and asks what Doctor said. Peon brings Soni there. Soni tells that Sid wanted to scare Paro. Rishi asks why? Paro says I told Principal Madam that he was smoking cigar. Rishi asks Principal if kids smoke? Soni says she didn’t do anything and apologizes. Rishi asks Principal to take strict actions against Sid and Soni. Paro whispers why he is reacting, I would have come back asking for the school name. Principal says she will take action. Paro asks Rishi to leave Soni and says it is not her mistake, and that she didn’t know about Sid’s plan. She kisses on his cheek and asks him to forgive Soni. Principal asks what we will do now. Lakshmi says we will do what is right, and says she will fill form for surgery. Nurse says they want either mother or father’s consent/sign for the surgery.

Principal says I will call Mr. Oberoi. Soni apologizes. Principal says call your parents. Rishi says its ok, she has realized her mistake. Soni thanks him. Rishi asks her to thank Paro. Soni thanks her. Paro says its ok. Soni says we will be friends from now. Paro signs her to smile, like he used to sign Lakshmi to smile.

Precap: Paro tells the kids that they shall not go out, as they are small. Rishi thinks she talks like kids. Principal says she will call Rishi. Anushka asks Ayush if they can go out today. He says yes. Anushka says I love you. He looks on. Nurse asks Lakshmi if she is his mother. Lakshmi says yes.