Kavya 11th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Kavya scolds Adi

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The Episode starts with Kavya talking to her boss. She says listen to me once. Amanpreet advises her. She says I also got the lipstick and bangles as gift, I like the shade and I apply it sometimes, I read your file, you are brave but control emotions, you should control your emotions and go to the field. Kavya says sorry. Amanpreet says you will get suspended, have biscuits, eat it, its your first day so I m leaving you, everyone is keeping an eye on your work, Giriraj came to recommend you, his son has come to decorate the room, I will not give second chance, you can go now. Kavya goes to the cabin. She sees Adi. Adi asks her to see the new chair, cooler and kettle. He gets the tea. The cup falls on the papers. He says I will clean it, sorry. She says I can work, I don’t want all this, I m not habitual to all this, take this away. He asks why are you overreacting. She says I m such, I have gone there for raid, I m a fool, you got the entire room here. He asks did anything happen. She says yes, everyone has believed that I can’t do anything, I have proved them right. He says sorry Kavya, I was thinking of your comfort. He asks her to sit down. She says you got everything so easily, you can never get serious, you don’t know what’s struggle, just leave and stay away from me. She sits to work. Adi gets sad and leaves.

Ro lene de….plays… He throws a vase in anger. Kavya worries. She says I m sorry, Adi. She rests on the gifted chair. He comes home. Malini asks what happened. He says Kavya thinks I m not suitable for her. Omi says Kavya reacted as we thought. Amanpreet asks Kavya if she has any food. Kavya gives the halwa. Amanpreet asks did you make it, its nice. Kavya says Giriraj got it. Amanpreet asks did he get halwa for you, good. Kavya says it’s a long story.

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She says I don’t know what I m doing, I asked Adi to stay away, sorry. Amanpreet says office is over, I m a pregnant lady, I m feeling hungry, forget that guy, he is useless. Kavya says no, he is very smart. She praises Adi. Adi is tense. Giriraj comes and teases him. Kavya says sorry. Amanpreet says I knew it, did you tell him that you love him.

She gets her husband’s call and talks. Kavya smiles. Amanpreet says Shamsher is nice, his heart is like wax, if he wasn’t at home, then I would have not been here, you need Adhiraj, he won’t let you lose focus, remember this lesson, they get news before our raid. Kavya says it means there is some informer. Amanpreet says yes, find out who is he.

She says be careful, you have invited trouble. Kavya says I will try to balance work and love. Amanpreet leaves. Kavya calls Adi. He angrily throws the phone. She comes home. Everyone asks about her first day and cabin. Kavya gives medicines to Rajeev and says your health is the most imp. He asks how is your boss. Anjali gets tea for her. Kavya asks them to sit. She acts like pregnant lady. She imitates Amanpreet. They laugh.

Rajeev says its good, boss will show you a new direction and teach you work. Kavya says Chadda Sir is the best. Anjali asks is she happy with you. Kavya says yes, she explained me well, get cream biscuits tomorrow for Chadda Sir. Rajeev asks is everything fine. She says yes. Anjali asks her to have tea. Kavya thinks of Adi.

Kavya updates Amanpreet about the informer. She follows the man and gets locked in the cold storage. Adi looks for her. Kavya shouts for help.