Barsatein 11th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Reyansh convinces Aradhna


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The Episode starts with Reyansh saying Kriti will get Jai. Malini says she isn’t answering, where are they. Kriti comes to Jai and says I like to see you like this. Jai says you got defeated once again. She says I love this attitude, I have won, Aradhna might have married Reyansh by now. Jai says no, he truly loves Aradhna, he won’t marry her. She says so boring. She makes a drink. She says Reyansh also said the same, he won’t marry Aradhna by cheating, your thinking matches, I m not a loser, I will show you what I can do. She drinks. She gets a gun from the cupboard.

She points the gun at Jai and smiles. Reyansh says you are scared like a criminal has caught Jai. He calls Kriti. She says Reyansh is a loser. She answers the call. He says you and Jai didn’t come. She asks did you marry or not, you are such a hopeless person, but I won’t lose, Jai is mine. Jai says no one can stop me from coming there. Reyansh says fine, then come, the decision will be made today. He throws the phone. Kriti asks who said you are going. Nita scolds Reyansh for kidnapping Jai. Akash complains to Harsh. Aradhna says my family got insulted because of you, Reyansh, where is Jai. Reyansh calls Kriti again. Kriti shoots at Jai.

Nita asks where is Jai, do something. Kriti threatens Jai. Nita says we have to save Jai from psycho Kriti. Malini calls Kriti and asks where are you. Nita says don’t do anything to Jai, I will explain him. Kriti says we would have got married by now. Jai says I don’t love you. Kriti says I know. Reyansh says this wasn’t our deal. Kriti argues with Malini. Reyansh says if anything happens to my friend then I will not leave you. She says you have a double personality, don’t worry, I won’t hurt him, I love Jai a lot. Reyansh says if you don’t come here in 2 mins, then I will come there and see you. She says okay fine, chill, I will get him.

Kriti asks what shall I do, I won’t let you marry Aradhna. Jai says you can’t make Aradhna out of my heart. She says just say you love me. He says no, I just love her. She hits him. Reyansh says don’t worry, nothing will happen to Jai, why did you choose Jai and not me, I won’t ask this, I just want you, you are more than life for me. He explains her.

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He says the most imp thing is love, society doesn’t give imp to love, just a heart is enough where there is love, else you would stay alone in a big house without love like Kadambari. Bhakti says we don’t want bad for Aradhna. He says you wanted a practical guy for your daughter. Malini says enough, I won’t let you break her marriage. Harsh says tell me, what wrong are they saying, you think we will let Aradhna choose you. Kriti says don’t force me, Jai, I love you a lot, I m not like Aradhna. Aradhna says its love, not any fashion show, Aradhna’s simplicity attracts me, I don’t love you. She says I won’t let you become of Aradhna. He says I will love and marry Aradhna. She points the gun at him. Reyansh says you think you will stay safe with him, you taught me that love means pain, you can marry him, but when will you live, not every marriage is a merry one, my parents obeyed their parents and stayed in sorrow. He asks Malini am I right, Jai is the best guy, he isn’t mad. He asks Aradhna to understand. He says just I can give you love.

Harsh says that’s enough now, get lost. Reyansh says I hated my mum because she loved someone else, I pity her, I m looking at our situation today, you know Jai loves you, you will marry him but can’t give him the love which you already gave me, you will hurt his heart like Vivek was hurt, you are ending two love stories, ask your heart, is this right. Varun asks what’s this nonsense, I m tense. He gets a message. He is shocked.

Aradhna cries. Bhakti consoles her. Harsh asks how can you believe Reyansh. Nita scolds them. Reyansh says no one knows why you are crying, you are crying because you know I m right, we are crying for each other, we understand our heartbeat. Mai teri hogai….plays… Reyansh holds her and wipes her tears.

Varun says Jai got shot. They all get shocked. Nita scolds Reyansh.