Katha Ankahee 23rd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Viaan comes face to face with Aarav in the house of Raghav

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Aarav returns from his school, he sits on the couch after placing his bag when Raghav comes to him, he sits asking if Aarav returned or not and questions why is the energy so low in the house this means he has fought in the school, Aarav replies there was no free period in the school when Raghav says that they day when he needed the help of Aarav they gave him such a busy schedule, Raghav says if he would play so low then how can they enjoy it, Aarav mentions Ruhi loves the Eiffel tower, Raghav asks what does he think about this while showing him the building, Aarav replies it means happiness and enjoyment, Raghav questions why is he so low, Aarav replies he is hungry so leaving to get some food when Raghav says he always felt that he is a close friend of Aarav but he leaves replying that he needs some food.

Katha is working in the office when she gets a call from Raghav who says he wants to talk to her about Aarav, she questions if everything is fine when he replies he is feeling as if Aarav is hiding something from him. Katha remember how Aarav met Viaan and she made him promise to not let their past ruin the family, Raghav says that it is nothing serious and he just wants her to surely tell him whenever she finds the reason behind it, Katha is worried.

Ahsan tells Vanya that Aarav needs Raghav and not Viaan, further saying that her mother did not have a choice while katha has chosen, Vanya replies that Katha was forced to make it and if she stays with Dr Raghav then would ruin her life. Vanya informs her father life with Teji was a punishment and she does not do it then no one would be able to stay happy. Ahsan asks Vanya if her parents and Teji aunti were happy, he says she is aware they were not happy because they were thinking from their heart so they sometimes have to be practical, she must notice how Katha is more worried about her son. Ahsan requests Vanya to start thinking practically which she does not understand, he asks her to stop thinking of her dreams as they can not always be true, Ahsan says he did not come to argue with her but wants to know if she is on his side, Vanya questions why can their opinions not be different, Ahsan leaves saying they should let go of the hope when ti causes them to suffer, Vanya is troubled.

Katha is sitting in her cabin when the peon mentions she is called outside, Viaan is informing about the idea when he notices Jeetu Bai is tensed and constantly wiping off the sweat from his head so he asks if he should call for some water, Viaan tells Katha there are some idea about the team regarding the design, Katha asks Jeetu Bhai what are the idea when he informs that the team is saying that if she makes some changes then it would be better, Katha notices Jeetu Bhai who gets dizzy and falls down, Katha immediately asks someone to bring water and questions if he is feeling pressure on his chest, Viaan questions what is he thinking, katha asks Jeetu Bhai if he took his blood pressure medicine to which he refuses, she instructs Viaan to bring it from his cabin and then she gives it to him, Katha suggests he should take deep breaths which he does and then finally opens up, Viaan asks if they can perform some other treatment, Jeetu Bhai says that would he have to get sick to see her smile, katha is worried.

Aarav is sitting in his room when Ruhi comes to tell him that re going for shopping with Vikram, she says that even the camping group of Aarav is coming when he gets worried hearing about it so refuses, Ruhi realizes that there is something wrong and questions what happened to him but Aarav replies that he will not go there, Ruhi leaves but suspects there is something wrong. Aarav remembers when he was making the wooden horse when the boys started teasing him so he got furious and took the revenge after which he was given the warning.

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Katha is working when the employee comes informing that Jeetu Bhai has been sent home and given bed rest but now everything is fine, she praises Katha for being there to help him. Katha rushes to her cabin when Viaan asks what happened, she says she got scared thinking they might lose him when Viaan gives her the water explaining that being scared causes a lot of things to happen however explains she never makes decision after being scared and everything is sorted when she takes care of it. Viaan holds the hand of Katha which Vanya sees and starts smiling, Viaan explains they can perform magic together and nothing has changed for them both, Vanya is smiling.

In the night Ahsan is lighting the candles when Vanya comes all dressed up so he kneels asking for her hand, he pulls her closer saying that he has hired the favourite band and the Mehandi designer, he notices she is tensed so explains he knows she is not convinced with his thoughts but asks him to be sure that everything would be fine, Vanya says she will not change and after thinking has understood she still believes in her dreams and desires that Viaan bhai should get back together with katha Bhabhi, she asks if he trusts in her when Ahsan replies that when they are not in a team then what is there to argue, he says she should do what she wants and he will do what he desires.

Viaan asks how is Jeetu Bhai informing half of the office stops working, he requests Meenu jee to tell him if she needs anything. Viaan ends the call remembering how Aarav promised to not leave his side and even become his squash partner. Viaan prays if he could have been able to see Aarav, Raghav sees Viaan on his phone and goes to hi, they both meet each other when Raghav explains he was just thinking about him and here they are, he asks how is the topic going and he is sure Katha is a good help. Raghav asks what is Viaan doing and invites him back to his house, Raghav questions if he is busy but then says he is formal so Raghav says he told Viaan about his son Aarav and would introduce him, Viaan agrees to come with Raghav.

Aarav is with Vikram advising him to set the alarm of this app with which he would be able to be reminded when to drink. Katha calls Aarav explaining that Raghav said he seems tensed but is it about Viaan, Aarav asks his mother to never make Viaan come in front of him. Pari asks Ruhi to call Raghav he enters the house mentioning he has come but there is still another one with him, Ruhi takes the nae of Viaan sir who enters the house, Aarav is furious seeing him when Katha tries to calm him down. Raghav explains he met Viaan but he was being formal, Aarav yells at Viaan questioning why did he come here but Aarav is not able to calm down and keeps yelling at Viaan, Katha gets shocked.

Precap: Katha asks Viaan what should he do, Viaan says that he should be allowed to go into the room when katha says it is not possible however Viaan mentions Aarav is his son and he deserves it, Ruhi asks if he is the father. Raghav returns saying Katha needed time but she must decide what does she want, she looks at both Raghav and Viaan.