Suhaagan 23rd November 2023 Written Episode Update: Bindiya and Payal confront each other

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The Episode starts with Baldev asking Indu to be careful, and says Bindiya shall not doubt. Indu says my grand son or grand daughter will be precious than Babu. She asks him not to stop him from celebrating this happiness. Baldev says he would have been happy, if Bindiya was pregnant. Bindiya wishes happy diwali to the guard and the Servants. Krish gives them bonus envelope. Gagan asks Krish to celebrate Diwali with Bindiya. Bindiya asks Krish to make heart with her with cracker. Krish refuses. Pankaj asks him to do it. Krish and Bindiya rotate the phooljadi as if making heart. Sakshi cries and tells Vikram that her life is ruined since Krish married Payal and Bindiya. She says both Payal and Bindiya has kept the family members on their sides, and they are alone. Krish asks them to come to burn the crackers. Indu asks Gagan to bring chair. She tells Payal that she got chair for her, so that she can sit, and says smoke is bad for baby, and then she sees Bindiya and tells that it is bad for liver. They burn the crackers. Nidhi coughs due to the smoke. Pankaj asks what happened to him. Nidhi taunts him for questioning her just as she coughed. He says you never had problem with smoke before. Bindiya goes to get water for Nidhi.

Payal takes Krish inside, and tells that this is our first Diwali with our baby, and she wants to make it memorable. Sjhe says since she came to know about her pregnancy, she is gathering info about foetus, and says you can make bond with our baby from its first day. Krish asks really? Payal keeps his hand on her stomach, and asks him to wish happy diwali to the baby. Krish sits down and wishes happy Diwali to the baby, and says your Papa is waiting eagerly for you. He keeps his head on her stomach. Payal looks at Bindiya who is watching them and says even I am waiting for you Papa. She asks him to give a kiss to baby. Krish kisses on Payal’s tummy. Bindiya cries. Payal thinks now she is sure that Bindiya didn’t lose her memory, but has played a big trick. Vikram calls Krish. Krish asks Payal to come and goes. Payal looks at Bindiya. Bindiya goes to the kitchen and wipes her tears. Payal comes and stands infront of her. She says just now you was smiling and trying to woo Krish making phooljadi heart. She asks did you see something which broke your heart, and asks why is she sweating like you are caught. She says you saw Krish loving me, ignored and went and says if you had lost your memory, then would have slapped me or shouted. She asks her to learn to lie and says jhooti Bindi. Bindiya says my lie is nothing infront of your lie, and says no woman spread fake news of becoming a mother. She says I have taken care of you as Maa and Baba and knows well to read your eyes.

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She says I have understood that you are feigning to be pregnant and says my memory will be back when your lie is exposed. Payal gets Nidhi’s call, and she thinks why Nidhi is calling me. Bindiya goes from there. Payal picks Nidhi’s call and asks her not to panic, and says she is coming there. Bindiya thinks Payal is playing a big game.

Nidhi asks Payal to take appointment with the doctor tomorrow, and tells that she has vomited so much today. Payal says but. Nidhi says you are taking advantage of my pregnancy as a lottery, and I am bearing all the pain. She says she don’t know if she is fine. Payal says ok, I will take an appointment and calls Doctor for appointment for Payal Shukla. Bindiya hears the last thing and tells Pankaj. Pankaj says they shall go and find out. Krish asks Bindiya to keep his jacket and says he will wear it. Bindiya makes him wear it and hugs him. Rang de mohe tu piya plays….Krish gets upset. He sees Payal standing outside and signing him to come. Bindiya asks if you need anything. Krish says nothing. Payal asks him to come. Krish asks Bindiya to keep his office bag ready and put laptop and charger in it. Bindiya says ok, I will keep them. Krish comes to Payal and asks her to message him, and don’t come to room. Payal says you are forgetting that I am pregnant. She says he would have fixed appointment with the doctor, but he doesn’t care. Krish says sorry, and says he didn’t think all this. He says he will take appointment for her from best doctor. Payal says no need. She says she has already fixed the appointment with the doctor.

Bindiya comes there and says Doctor. She asks what happened to you, if you are not fine. She says you would have told me, why you are troubling Krishna ji. Krish says he is her jiju. Bindiya says yes, you are her jiju, and Payal is your mischievous sister in law. She says she will take her to doctor. Payal says she has just acidity. Bindiya asks Krish to go and tells Payal that she will say bye to her jiju.

Precap: Payal tells Krish that the nurse seems to be familiar, and she puts her mask down. Krish sees Bindiya in Nurse uniform. Bindiya tells him that Nidhi is pregnant and not Payal.