Katha Ankahee 17th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Vanya and Ehsan’s engagement.

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Ehsan, Viaan and Teeji were in the car headed to the engagement, so were Katha, Aarav and Falguni. Viaan is lost in Katha’s memories, he has fallen in love with her thoughts, have become addicted to them. He sees her with his eyes closed fearing being lost in her thoughts, she should come and wake him up. Viaan receives a call, tells that they are only 10 minutes away. Katha tells Aarav, tells that he laughed after a long time.

Jeetu and everyone else were at the venue. Jeetu was delighted to see Viaan, cries hugging him. Teeji questions him for crying, Viaan is back. Viaan heads towards someone, so does Katha. Viaan goes to Vanya while Katha goes to a doctor congratulating her for the engagement. Aarav hugs the man, a female child comes thanking Katha for becoming her mother, Aarav thanks the man for becoming his father. Viaan brings Ehsan forward congratulating them. Viaan was talking to Vanya on the phone in the cell, Ehsan suggested welcoming Viaan back with an engagement surprise. Ehsan talked to Vanya about it, she finds it a perfect plan. They later informed Viaan about it, while he was in cell. Vanya wanted to have Viaan in their happy moment, asked if he is happy. Viaan is happy for them.
Raghav Seghal introduces himself to Katha, apologizes, but he is addicted to it, it gives him the bliss to relive the first time he say her and fell in love. He introduces himself to her again. Raghav tells that its no less than magic to find the perfect person, we keep wandering to find that soulmate, once found, we settle ourselves with them. Raghav still remembers the first time he met Katha.

Raghav was impersonating a clown, entertaining children with his dance and songs. Katha entering the room scared all the children. Katha realized than acted as a robot, telling that she has been sent from future to play with the kids, the children didn’t respond. Raghav insisted the kids to respond or she will leave.

Raghav told Katha that its necessary to befriend the children, its eases the healing process. Katha went with the flow, she introduced herself. Raghav started reading poetry, Katha got awkward and wanted to leave. Raghav apologized, he is reading a book currently, insisted Katha to sit down. Katha showed him Aarav’s profile. Katha notices his office , he assures of being a certified doctor, had the bad luck for meeting Katha in that state. Katha doubted at first but the certificates tells otherwise, other than that Yuvraj praised the doctor and see him herself as well. Raghav tells that there are only two people who consider him cool, he himself and now Katha.

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Viaan is handing over a piece of his hear to Vanya, he would have freaked out if it was someone else but not in case of Ehsan, he will take care of Vanya. Ehsan is Viaan’s bestfriend for life, only to take his sister away. Vanya assures that it would never happen. Viaan gives them relationship advise, tells them to be friends, communicate under all conditions, assures that no one will come in-between them. Ehsan was in tears, he gets down on his knees for the ceremony. Viaan recalls the day he got engaged to Katha, gave her the rarest diamond on earth.

Raghav and Katha gets on stage for their engagement, Katha recalls taking Viaan’s engagement ring off. Raghav looks at her, he needed Katha and Aarav when Aarav needed him, destiny brought them together to have a complete family.

Raghav told Katha that Yuvraj already told him about Aarav. Katha tells that Aarav has visited a lot of doctors, she wanted to meet this on first herself. Aarav thinks that there is nothing wrong with him. Raghav understands, there is anger agitating Aarav which he has made peace with. Raghav has a problem, he can not treat patients without meeting them. He wonders why people come to hospital worried. Katha questions. Raghav thinks that people should smile and feel happy knowing that they are about to be treated. Katha tells that Aarav will not visit a doctor. Raghav wants to set a time a location to meet Aarav.

Vanya and Ehsan cut the cake. Viaan recalls the story behind that rare diamond, he feels alone in her absence. Viaan hands get a cut from the thorn. Vanya asks if he is alright.

Raghav kept wondering why Katha smiles with pain in her eyes, there is a lot to know about despite having her. Her eyes speak what her lips don’t tell.

PRECAP: Raghav and Katha were getting engaged. Teeji sends Viaan to being Katha back, he knows that isn’t an easy task. The engagement rings fells down on the floor, everyone start searching for it. Katha sees Viaan standing in front of her.