Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 17th October 2023 Written Episode Update: Shishupal can see again.

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 17th October 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Rama has never been asked to serve dinner before by Bhim Rao. She asked him what happened.

Deepak cries telling that Bhim Rao gave him sweets, he was lying.

Bhim Rao tells that Sethji took away his seat, insulted and made him burn that chair. Bhim Rao was asked to sit on the floor while covering his hand, told that Bhim Rao will eat outside the office. Bhim Rao burst into tears. Rama consoled him, what while everyone do if he loses hope. Bhim Rao has faced a lot, will handle this as well. Bhim Rao is feeling bad for his lower caste, children who are the future. Bhim Rao thought that now everyone would be able to have a chair for themselves. Rama questions. Bhim Rao knows that there is a long distance to cover, a fight they have to be prepared for, but when ever an opportunities comes, Bhim Rao becomes hasty to attain it. He knows that there is a lot to fight for. Rama assures fighting, one day that Sethji would give Bhim Rao is chair back. Jijabai heard their conversation, she will make a mess of this. Jijabai will distribute sweets now.

Rama wants Bhim Rao to save his tears, she brings the journal. Rama will write Bhim Rao’ day in this, whether it was bad. Bhim Rao felt humiliated when Sethji asked him to abandon his chair, it hurt him a lot.

Next morning, Bhim Rao leaves for his job, Rama brings him his lunch for afternoon. She was in tears, Bhim Rao questions, Rama tries to control herself but often fails. Bhim Rao wants her to save the tears, they are his strength. He was leaving, Ramji comes questioning. Bhim Rao says that everything is fine. Karuna disagrees, Jijabai wouldn’t be distributing sweets if everything was alright.

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Jijabai was giving sweets to everyone after having them sit on chairs. Everyone questioned why she was doing so. Jijabai speaks after Bhim Rao comes out. She tells him that everyone was happily enjoying sweets while sitting on chair, opposite would happen if someone barges into a different territory. Hitesh understands that Bhim Rao lost his chair. Ramji understands, Joku wants to know the detail. Rama questions, the story would not enlighten them, they don’t care. Deepak asks Jijabai to distribute sweet, differentiate the two teams. Ramji questions them for enjoying sweets while some of the hardly manage two meals in a day.
Vaijnath and Shishupal, and Setji enters the chawl with people on drum beats. He tells everyone why he is here, wanted to tells everyone about his happiness. Sethi is the chief since he thought Bhim Rao his true value. Sethji tells that he holds the power to make everyone stand to welcome him, he thought Bhim Rao his value when he objected that tradition. Vaijnath tells Bhim Rao that Shishupal’s eyesight has recovered, decided to remove the bandage in front of Bhim Rao, his struggles couldn’t even take light from someone’s life, his desire to become equal to upper caste are already trembling. Vaijnath takes off the bandage, Shishupal slightly opens his eyes. Shishupal can see now, Vaijnath celebrates. Shisupal tells that he can see Bhim Rao dying with his drama, the upper caste is above there league, they wont be able to reach that place I 1oo years. Sethji will topple Bhim Rao over from his seat in next 1000 years as well.

The Episode Ends.