Katha Ankahee 14th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Katha refuses to go to the dinner at Viaan’s house

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Raghav says he knows she is hiding something and should not tell a lie as her eyes can reveal the truth, Raghav replies it is not important that she tells him what is bothering her but she must calm down and he is going to tell her something but she must not be worried as he knows what is happening, he tells her that Viaan is bothering her.

Vanya tells Ahsan that no medicine can help him, Ahsan replies he is worried since Viaan is not listening to anything, Vanya replies it is because Viaan Bhai is sure that he can bring back katha Bhabhi to his life so they must help him, Ahsan asks if Vanya has ever thought how embarrassed Katha would be in front of the family of Raghav, Vanya replies she is not bothered because she is only worried about Viaan Bhai who would be broken, Ahsan replies he is there for Viaan and can handle him. Vanya says that it also happened with them both because till the time they were listening to heir brain they did not achieve anything, Ahsan says they both were lucky but she replies she came to tell him her feelings by herself and if Katha Bhabhi gets the right environment then would be able to do something, she leaves while Ahsan is worried.

Katha asks Raghav what does he mean by it, he says that she is working with Viaan on the project because of him and there is something which is bothering her, Katha asks Raghav to not say it since Viaan is a decent person and would never harm her, Raghav replies he knows this but if Viaan ever bothers Katha then she can come to him as he will handle everything, katha replies Raghav is actually a decent person but she is very tired and so needs to rest, Raghav says that he is going to get the painting for him when Katha suggests that he should bring a pen. Raghav replies they are living in modern times but Katha says she feels he is an old should and would write al of his poetry with pen, Raghav says she has learned a lot about him so katha replies she saw him diary in the office. Raghav replies that now they would get the pain for Viaan and that too from katha.

In the morning katha enters the office where the entire staff is preparing for Diwali and have even prepared a Rangoli, an employee comes to hand her the Diya which she starts placing around the Rangoli,

Viaan is working in his office when he notices that katha is slowly walking towards his cabin and is really tensed, he remembers how he helped her clean her mouth in his cabin and then even prepared the model for her from the glass while expressing his feelings to her. Viaan walks over to the door and opens it for Katha, she hesitantly enters the cabin when he asks her to sit down, Katha explains she will not be able to come to his house but has a request that Raghav and his entire family are going to come to his house so he should not do anything that might hurt them, and make sure they do not find anything about their past. Katha is very tensed telling that se is in a situation where she would not be able to keep everyone happy and Raghav along with his entire family are not aware of her situation. Viaan asks if Katha is scared for them or for herself, he smiles mentioning he is a bit offended asking why does she think he would purposefully hurt Raghav or his family. Viaan says that the house belongs to her which has the dream the three of them as a family, he sits down explaining he feels she will surely come. Katha asks him to understand that these few days are the last they have together and they might not meet again, Viaan says she once again turned her path but fate brought her to him and there is always hope or the wait for it, he is going to wait because he knows his light will come to him. Katha asks if the wait is for lifetime since the hope is ruining his life. Viaan says that hope changes reality, she turns to leave when he says she is turning away from her reality. Viaan is sure she would one day face her reality.

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Katha enters her cabin where Ahsan is already waiting for her, she slowly walks up to him when he says he never thought they both would meet in such a situation and he wished things would be different, katha replies she also wished. Ahsan says she will always remain in their lives and the memories they have made together, he knows she has taken the decision after thinking and she has Aarav who is her top priority even when he desired that things would have been different. Ahsan says Viaan is mad and does not listen to anyone, so he will never lose hope and if she does not come to his house for the party then he might move. Katha agrees she will not come when Ahsan says he is just trying to help them both as he can see they are in tremendous pain. Ahsan slowly hugs Katha who starts weeping but after wiping her tears gets away, Ahsan leaves wishing her happy Diwali katha is still not able to stop crying and keeps trying her best to control herself.

Raghav at the night mentions that they are ready but questions where are they all , Ruhi comes asking how is she looking when Raghav explains that she is looking very elegant and wow, Pari and Vikram come arguing and Pari asks him to change it, Ruhi asks if they are twining when Vikram explains she has copied him, Pari says that katha selected her clothes, they both keep arguing. Raghav asks them to stop fighting when they are waiting for Katha, she comes out with the Diya so Raghav asks why si she not ready, she replies she is not feeling well and thought that she would stay back, Raghav suggests they should cancel the plan and even Ruhi asks if they need to go to the hospital but katha asks them all to not spoil their plan because if she needs anything then would call them, they all leave.

Teji walks to the photo of her husband mentioning he was right to say that she is scared because she is worried after seeing Viaan fighting for his love and Katha should be the one to host the party but she prays that katha should not come., Raghav along with his family enter the house when Viaan introduces Teji so Raghav informs that he knows her, Viaan asks how is it possible and turns to Teji who says that she met him through the NGO. Raghav informs that Katha was not able to come as she was not feeling well, Raghav also gives the gift to Viaan explaining he only writes prescription from it but is sure that Viaan would write something beautiful. Viaan is impressed by the gift. Pari jee tells Teji that her daughter in law is also an architect and Teji would have loved meeting her, Teji says she should bring her some day. Viaan asks them all to come to the hall.

Vanya asks the staff if the gifts are going to the house of the Malhotra’s, Vanya sends the photos of the house with katha who after seeing them starts remembering the moments she has spent there together with Viaan and how they are going too have a beautiful life.

Precap: Teji says to Viaan that katha would not come when Viaan informs that katha surely lives in this house, Katha enters the house mentioning she thought that she must come when Viaan has invited them all with so much love, Raghav replies that the charm of Viaan has brought her here. Aarav asks Ruhi where have they all come to on Diwali.