Dabangii 14th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Ankush regrets his mistake

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The Episode starts with Ankush seeing Damini and recalling her words. Satya takes a dip in the river and comes out. He leaves. Arya prays. Ankush holds Damini and asks her to get up. Damini gets conscious and says Arya… He asks what. She says Satya doesn’t know that he had a daughter, he doesn’t know about Arya, if he knows then he will kill Arya. Ankush says I won’t let anything happen to her. She says promise me, you will protect her. He says I promise, forgive me. She drops her hand down. She dies. He cries and hugs her.

He says forgive me. He closes her eyes. Arya says Bappa, make me and Aai meet my dad soon. Bappa visarjan is done. She sees Tanmay and says he has some work or not. Tanmay asks the boys to call Satya fast. Arya says catch me and show. She kicks Tanmay and runs away. Tanmay asks the boys to catch her. Arya doesn’t see Damini taken to the ambulance. Ankush sees Satya on stage. He gets angry and goes to catch his collar. He says you won’t get saved, I will get you punished. The men say leave Bhau. Satya says Ankush is my brother, no one will talk in between. Ankush says you killed Damini, I will put you in jail, else change my name. Satya says yes, I killed her, I confess it in front a policeman, go, do whatever you can. Ankush cries. Satya says I don’t repeat my mistake of leaving a proof. He sits enjoying the dhol music. Ankush leaves. Arya looks for Damini. She runs away from Tanmay.

Arya cries and asks people about Damini. Ankush sees Damini. Arya shouts Aai. The ambulance leaves. Arya cries. Baba calls Ankush and asks did you find Damini. Ankush says I couldn’t save her, she is no more. Baba is shocked. Ankush says its my mistake, my anger, she came to ask for help. Baba asks Arya, where is she. Ankush says she told me that Satya shouldn’t know about Arya, don’t know what will he do. Baba says you couldn’t save Damini, but save Arya, nothing should happen to her, this will be your repentance. Ankush says I will go and find her, don’t worry. He stops the ambulance and runs back to the ghat. He looks for Arya.

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He sees Tanmay catching Arya and hitting her. He stops Tanmay. Arya runs. Tanmay argues with Ankush. Ankush scolds him. He asks them to go home. Satya comes home. Aai asks about Damini and the child. Satya says I didn’t think of doing this, I have killed Damini. Kasturi smiles. Aai is shocked. Satya says first her dad and now her, I explained her a lot, she had planned to ruin your Tapasya, she would have made me away from you by sending me to jail, I couldn’t control, she started threatening me, she wanted to take revenge on the entire family, I thought she is saying that in anger, she said she had killed my child. Aai is shocked. Satya cries. He shouts she killed my child. Aai hugs him and cries. Kasturi looks on and smiles.
Ankush meets Arya. Arya asks him to help her find Damini. Ankush says Damini has gone forever. Arya is shocked. She runs and cries. Ankush hugs her. Satya comes there.