Imlie 3rd April 2024 Written Episode Update: Imlie Questions Surya About Anjali

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Surya challenges Imlie to color him first and get a reward of her choice. Imlie accepts challenge. They both try to color each other and run behind each other. Mahesh notice Surya and asks if he will color others or play holi with him also. He dances on Rang Barse Bheege Chunarwali.. song. Surya also dances with him and then runs behind Imlie. Later, he walks towards her silently. Anjali walks towards Imlie. Imlie notices Surya and moves aside. Surya colors Anjali and stands speechless. Imlie colors Surya and says she won the challenge, Surya will be afraid to challenge her again.

She then applies color to Anjali and wishes her happy holi. She asks if they both know each other. Surya says Anjali is Malti’s college friend. Anjali asks how do they know each other. Indira introduces Imlie as Surya’s wife. Anjali shatters hearing that. Imlie asks Anjali if she is fine. Anjali says she needs to go and tries to leave. Malti stops her. Surya asks her not to stop Anjali and let her go, then says he means later. Anjali collapses. Indira rushes towards Anjali and asks Surya to take her in. Imlie prepares a juice for Anjali in kitchen. Hemalatha walks to her and tells her that Surya loves her a lot and made holi arrangements for her.

Anjali confronts Surya for marrying someone else without informing her. Surya asks her to calm down. Anjali asks if he wasn’t picking her phone as he was with Imlie and gave her right to Imlie. Surya asks her to stop or else someone will hear her. Anjali asks he means his wife, why did he cheat her. She hugs him tightly and asks him to tell that he married Imlie under pressure. Imlie notices that and returns to kitchen. Hemalatha asks why did she return, does Anjali need more juice. Imlie says no. Surya tells Anjali that he married Imlie with his wish, so Anjali should move on and have a good life. Anjali says he was his life, what will she do now. Surya asks her to relax for sometime, his driver will drop her to bus station.

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Anjali says she doesn’t need his help and walks towards the door. Malti asks where is she going. Surya says let Anjali go and asks why did she lie to her and bring Anjali to create problems between him and Imlie, Anjali is crying because of her. Malti says Anjali is crying because of him, she knows he still loves Anjali and married Imlie under pressure, she will stop Anjali. Surya says he wants Anjali to misunderstand him and move on, he took Imlie’s responsibility with his wish and hence she should blame Imlie.

Indira asks Malti to gift sweets to her friend before sending her. Surya says Anjali already left. Indira says she is gifting sweets to all her guests, Surya and Imlie should visit relatives with sweets. Imlie says let Surya go, she will stay at home and look after the chores. Indira says Suray will not go alone after marriage and gives her sweet boxes. In car, Imlie asks Surya why did he marry her. Surya says he doesn’t have to answer silly questions and plays music. She switches it off music and asks if he married her due to Daadi’s promise. He says yes. She asks since when he loves Anjali and if she is betraying her. Surya says his wife understands him so well. He loses control and stops his car just before ramming it to the car. Imlie gets out of the car and says she will not accompany him until he answers her. He says he fools girls and misuses them. Imlie asks him not to lie. He gets a call and looks shocked.

Precap: Imlie thinks why did Surya leave his girlfriend and marry her. Surya thinks Imlie shouldn’t know that he married her as Agastya died because of him. An unanimous caller tells Imlie that he knows why Surya married her.