Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 3rd April 2024 Written Episode Update: A Pleasant Surprise For Savi

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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 3rd April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Ishaan walks to Savi and says he wants to speak to her. He finds her asleep without a blanket and covers her with a blanket. She holds her hand in sleep. His jacket zip gets stuck in her bracelet. He tries to frees it with great difficulty but fails. Serial’s title track plays in the background. He silently murmurs Savi, jacket.. She doesn’t respond. He removes his jacket. She sleeps holding it. Savi wakes up after some time and finds his jacket zip stuck to her bracelet. She then finds her suitcase missing and finds all her stuff back in it’s place, thinks if Chidkiya sir did all this. She then finds Ishaan’s note he wants to talk to her something important and invites her for a dinner date tonight, she can message him if it’s okay with her.

Shikha walks to her. Savi informs him about Ishaan’s dinner invitation. Shikha asks her not to lose such a golden chance and send okay as everyone don’t get such a chance. Anvi walks in next and asks Savi vahini/SIL to go as Ishaan rarely does something but in style. Shikha asks why is she addressing Savi with respect while they are of same age. Anvi says Savi is her SIL. They both insist Savi to agree. At school, Reeva tells Ishaan that she wants to discuss about medical college project. Ishaan says he has already fixed a meeting with a few investors. He gets okay message from Savi. Reeva reminds him of doing something special for Savi as a gratitude, she has selected a gift for Savi. Ishaan says he invited her for a dinner tonight and she agreed, did he do right. Reeva feels sad but smiles and says yes, but she has selected a nice gift for her. Ishaan says he wants to show his effort.

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Reeva returns home and watches Teri Meri Dooriyaan serial on TV. Swanand walks to her and asks why she looks sad. Swati walks to Reeva and asks if she had ordered a gift. Reeva says she had ordered it for Savi as a gratitude for getting justice to Anvi, but Ishaan planned a dinner with Savi. Swanand asks what is happening. Swati says Savi will leave Ishaan’s house after her sister gets well, then Ishaan’s attention would be towards Reeva. Swanad tells Reeva that they shall also go for a dinner. Swati also insist and convince Reeva.

Ishaan and Savi reach a restaurant and are welcomed in a grand way. Hotel staff informs that they are 100th customer for the day and hence receiving a special treatment. She serves them a complementary decorated candle light table and snacks and says its complementary for them. Savi looks at Ishaan. Ishaan says he didn’t plan all this and he brought her here as a gratitude for standing up for Anvi, Savi did whatever he couldn’t as a brother and hence is thankful to her. Savi says she did whatever anyone would have done, she saw Anvi tensed and hence helped her. Ishaan says she did really good yesterday and thanks for that. Savi asks why did he bring her to such a costly restaurant. She is shocked to read price of the dishes and asks if they serve gold and silver dishes, they are so costly and hence we will not eat anything here. Ishaan asks her to sit. Reeva reaches restaurant and gets sad seeing them there.

Precap: Savi feels happily and lost in her own thought. Kuch To Hua Hai.. song plays in the background. She writes I love Chidkiya in her book. ishaan reads it.