Imlie 27th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Sharmaji Abducts Kairi


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Imlie searches for Kairi and asks kids if they saw Kairi. They say no. Atharva notices a speeding vehicle heading towards Imlie and saves Imlie on time. Imlie says Chini must have abducted Kairi. Atharva says Chini is in jail. Police arrives. Atharva tells Imlie that they both fought a lot for Kairi and now have to unite for Kairi’s sake. Police questions society members who say they didn’t see Kairi since a long time. Inspector asks about the CCTV footage. They call Sharmaji who refuses any allegations and says Imlie is talking nonsense him. Atharva says Sharma talks nonsense and describes how Imlie taught him a lesson in front of whole society for misbehaving with her, says maybe he is taking revenge for that. Sharma denies allegations. Inspector asks constable to search Sharma’s house. Sharma says they can’t search a dignified person’s house without a warrant. Atharva says they all saw how dignified he is. Society members ask inspector to search each house as a kid is missing. Inspector takes Sharmaji along.

Devika tries to comfort crying Imlie and says she shouldn’t spoil her health crying as Kairi needs her. Imlie says she needs Kairi instead. Rudra asks her to have faith on god. She walks to temple and questions god for separating Kairi from her and prays to either reunite her with Kairi or kill her. Atharva asks her not to pray for her death as he can’t live without her and Kairi. Shivani tells Devika that a mother and father have reunited in search of their daughter, hopes they reunite forever because of Kairi. Atharva comforts Imlie and takes her from temple. Kairi hiding behind god’s idol enjoys laddoo and thinks she will not go out until her parents stop fighting. She notices her parents together and walks behind them.

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Sharma calls Kairi and abducts her. Imlie senses Kairi’s presence and tells Atharva that she feels Kairi is somewhere around. Atharva says even he feels she is somewhere around and they both will find her. Sharma takes Kairi to his house. Kairi asks why did he bring her here, is he a bad uncle. Sharma asks if her parents told her that he is bad, her parents are bad instead who complained against him and got him demoted from society’s secretary to security incharge. Kairi hits him. Sharma says she is equally bad like his mother. His wife notices Kairi and asks what is she doing here when her parents are searching her. Sharma warns her not to tell anyone that he brought Kairi here and asks her to bring food for them. Wife says he is doing wrong. Sharma warns her not to bother about it and just do her work. He notices police downstairs and hides Kairi in a store room.

Imlie continues to cry for Kairi and family tries to comfort her. Devika says a mother can hear her child’s voice which nobody can hear. Imlie and Atharva pray at a temple. They find Kairi’s sandal on the road and question sweaper who informs that he found it under A wing building. They notice Sharma’s wife peeping out of A wing window.

Precap: Nurse injects poison in Atharva’s drip. Imlie senses something is wrong, watches CCTV footage, and runs to save Atharva.