Pandya Store 27th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Dhawal and Natasha’s fight


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The Episode starts with Amrish telling everyone about Natasha running the Pandya store. He says I want her consent to sell the store. They all speak against Natasha. He asks them to handle the engagement. They leave. Dhawal says that girl isn’t right, I never go wrong with girls, wait, I will find her. Amrish says I will give you an easy task, get her in engagement, I want the control of Pandya store. Dhawal says its impossible. Amrish says get her in control, I want her in engagement today, I will go now.

Natasha recalls everyone. She gets back to her work. Suman asks her to answer. Natasha falls down. Kaka says I will come after some time. Natasha asks Suman to pay for her loss. Suman says when you answer me at home, that time I will answer you. Shesh gets ready. Mittu comes and says you know everything, I want this perfume. Shesh says its imported. He applies it to Mittu. He says why do I feel itchy. Mittu says I m also feeling itching, this imported perfume is bad. Shesh says I have to change. They change their clothes. Suman comes. Shesh says we are going in college fest. Suman says store is Chutki’s responsibility, right. Mittu says let us go and have food. She scolds him.

Natasha is at the store. Someone drops the garbage. Suman says I will also come in the fest, Natasha will come with me. Shesh says its college fest, you can’t come. They get an idea and show a dress to Suman. Suman says I will feel shy. She nods. Dhawal closes the store. Natasha sees Dhawal and scolds him. He says we will go together in my brother’s engagement. She says you give me my money. He says you have to come if you want money. They argue.

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Suman wears western clothes and comes to the college. Urmi says it’s a fun day, thanks, I m able to attend college fest because of you. Suman wears the glasses and looks cool. Shesh says you look hot. Suman slaps him. Dhawal says you have no option. Natasha says I won’t go. He lifts her. She bites him and gets down. She scolds him. Amrish calls him and asks him to get Natasha soon. Dhawal thinks how to take her. Suman calls Natasha. She starts acting and asks her to come to her.

Natasha says I will come. Suman says I came to college following Shesh and Mittu, come fast. Shesh and Mittu laugh.

Dhawal gives the money and says take the remaining money in the engagement function. Natasha says now he can make me reach Suman. She asks Dhawal to come. She sits on his bike. He smiles and takes her. Suman waits for Natasha. Natasha says we will go to college fest. Dhawal says you are strange. Chirag waits for Dolly. Dhawal takes Natasha to the engagement. Suman is waiting with Mittu and Shesh outside the college. Suman asks who is this guy. Natasha runs to Suman. Dhawal holds her hand and takes her. Shesh says that guy is our senior. Chirag takes Dhawal with him and asks for the ring. Suman shouts leave her. She says don’t worry, I m coming to save you.

Chirag says we will sort the ring. Suman likes Dhawal. Shesh says fix their engagement.