Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 14th April 2024 Written Episode Update: Rajwinder’s plan fails.

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Yashika and Heer were together when Jarnail called Heer and asked if she had reached the Atwal mansion. She told him she was there to help him and asked for a good payment. Jarnail agreed to pay her a ransom amount. Heer asked what she had to do for the plan, but Jarnail said he would inform her later. Heer told Yashika they needed to keep Jeet safe from Jarnail and find clues about whether Rajwinder was the one helping Jarnail.

Yashika and Heer searched Rajwinder’s room for clues while Rajwinder asked Sartaj for his signature on papers to donate some property to an orphanage. As Sartaj was about to sign, Yashika intervened and showed him papers with lots of fake signatures of his. She claimed she found the paper in Rajwinder’s room. Heer pointed out that whoever wanted his signature must have realized they couldn’t copy it, so they approached him directly.

Sartaj went through the property papers again and realized that Rajwinder was transferring all the property to Sunny and Simrit’s names. She started acting emotionally, claiming she was doing it for the kids’ well-being. Rajwinder said she had lost two sons but now had to think about Simrit and Sunny’s future. Jeet questioned her intentions. Rajwinder kept acting and said she was only thinking about her grandkids. Sartaj accused her of lying as she never wanted Jeet to get a share of the property.

Sartaj scolded Rajwinder for not changing and not accepting Jeet wholeheartedly. Rajwinder continued her drama, insisting she had not done anything wrong by thinking about Sunny and Simrit. Jeet told Sartaj to sign the papers if Rajwinder wanted. Navjot stopped Jeet and asked him to at least think about Heer. Jeet said he would fulfil all her wishes with his capability. However, Sartaj ended up tearing the property papers, saying the property would be divided equally among his children. Heer told Yashika that Jeet was so pure-hearted. They wondered if Rajwinder wasn’t helping Jarnail, who could the person be.

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Heer received a message that shocked her. Later, she received a parcel sent by Jarnail. He informed her that she needed to use the deodorant to make his plan successful. He asked her to spray it on plants, and she realized it was actually a chemical. Jarnail ordered her to swap the deodorant with a chemical bottle in Jeet’s wardrobe. Jarnail got angry when he saw Heer mixing the bottles and Jeet remaining safe. Jarnail sent her a video of the act, warning her that he was watching her closely. Meanwhile, Sunny and Simrit told family members that Teji always left them alone and went somewhere. Jarnail informed Heer about the next task.

Precap: Jarnail watches everything on his laptop, he calls Heer and asks her to leave the kitchen before someone sees her. Heer says you have badly executed your plan if you have to do something think something new. Jarnail says you are late the dish is on its way. Heer rush towards Jeet to stop him from having kheer.