Ikk Kudi Punjab Di 11th February 2024 Written Episode Update: Jeet prepares to propose Heer.

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Sunny and Simran play with blocks but struggle to build with them. Heer tells them to focus, and Sartaj joins in to help. He advises them to sometimes look at things from a new angle to solve problems easily. Heer gets an idea from this to start looking for Kuldeep’s murderer. Jasmin brings Jeet to a room and blindfolds him. She gives him a pot and asks him to recognize what’s inside. Jeet guesses it’s garlic.

When Jasmin gives Jeet another pot, he insists on leaving because he’s worried about Heer. Again, when she gives him an empty pot, Jeet gets annoyed and removes his blindfold. Jasmin asks him if he loves Heer or not. When Jeet tries to leave without answering, Jasmin reminds him of his late mother’s oath. Jeet ends up admitting he loves Heer a lot, even more than anything else.

Drunk Guldasta tells Jarnail that Jeet has loved Heer since childhood but never confessed. He keeps mumbling about Jeet’s feelings. Jarnail smirks upon hearing this. Jasmin tells Jeet that Heer sees him only as a friend because he has always treated her like one. She tries to make him understand that they both have feelings for each other but have ignored them. Jasmin tells Jeet that only he can help Heer out of her misery. She insists he admit his feelings to Heer, but Jeet worries about disappointing her.

Jasmin assures Jeet that Heer also loves him a lot. He is pleasantly surprised and asks how she knows. Jasmin reveals that Heer has dreamed of her prince since childhood, and that prince is him. She urges Jeet to confess his love to Heer, as he has always wished for her happiness. Jeet happily agrees and rides his bike, imagining Heer with him. He smiles foolishly thinking of her and accidentally collides with a car driven by Jarnail. Jeet apologizes for being absent-minded, and Jarnail taunts him about getting his heart broken if he’s not careful. Jeet plans to seek Guldasta’s advice but finds the door locked.

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In a flashback, Jarnail breaks Guldasta’s phone and locks him out. Jarnail says he will now prepare to ruin Heer and Jeet. Heer asks for all the photos and videos from her reception day. Rajwinder arrives, and Heer decides to tell her the truth after finding the murderer. Heer waits for Jeet to return home, while he prepares to propose to her, unaware of her call. Guldasta regains consciousness and finds the box missing. Jarnail gives the box to someone and executes his plan.

Precap: Heer on video call with Jeet. Heer says I was trying to reach out to you since morning, where were you, come fast I need to talk to you. Jeet says me too. Heer says yo herself it’s better to meet him outside then we will visit photographer together and find out about Kuldeep’s murder. Jarnail after listening everything says I was waiting for this moment.