Aankh Micholi 12th February 2024 Written Episode Update

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The Episode starts with Shivani telling everyone about Malhar and Kesar’s fight. Prisha says Sumedh will leave the house. Kareena says you should have feelings for Sumedh. Prisha says Malhar will also hate him. Kareena says no chance, he can never hate Sumedh. They go to sleep. Its morning, Sumedh says you have hurt Baa’s heart. Malhar says you think I told something wrong. Sumedh says you have to convince her. Malhar says its difficult. Sumedh says when you take her fav Rabdi, her heart will melt. Malhar smiles and asks are you a machine, the world runs on give and take, you love Baa but don’t get her love, I can do anything for her but I want her love. Sumedh explains him to keep patience in relations if one wants love.

He says I m sure, Kesar will accept me as her son one day. Malhar says sorry, I don’t agree. Sumedh asks him to take Rabdi for Baa. Malhar takes it. Rukmani makes her mum’s recipe to surprise Sonal. She surprises Piyush by gifting him a guitar. He smiles. He says it will be expensive, right, why did you waste money. She says its called love and responsibility, I do what you have done till now, I know you do delivery work to support dad, once I become IPS, I will do the work, you focus on your talent. He says a café owner called and offered a singer’s job, he said singer should have a guitar. She says call him and take the job. He rushes. He calls the man and says I m ready to do the job, okay. He ends call. He says I got the job. They dance and hug.

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She says I will come tomorrow to see the performance. Malhar plays a song. He apologizes to Kesar. She says don’t do this, I feel bad when you get hurt. He says have this rabdi, I have made this for you. Kesar eats it and likes it. Sumedh smiles. Malhar sees Sumedh and says your son has made it. Rukmani’s dad and Piyush hide. They see Sonal coming. Rukmani also hides and looks on. Sonal likes the dish. She sees Rukmani there. She scolds her. She says you are hurting me even more. Rukmani and her dad ask Sonal to taste it. Sonal says I will never forgive her. Rukmani sits crying. She says I m not able to win Sonal’s love. A girl comes to the kids and asks for Sumedh. They tease her. The girl keeps the tiffin there with a note. Sumedh says you have convinced Baa, but relations should have honesty. Malhar gets a call and goes. Sumedh sees the girl Niti and asks when did you come. Niti says I got something for you there, I kept it there, tell me how did you like it. She goes.

Malhar talks to Rukmani. He asks when did you propose me. She says you should have checked your jacket’s pocket to know it. Malhar rushes and checks it. Sumedh gets the letter from his jacket. He checks the tiffin. He reads the love letter. He smiles.

Malhar says there is nothing, it was your first I love you note, I didn’t get it. She says if you didn’t get it, then your fate isn’t good, the one who got the note would be happy. Sumedh smiles. Malhar asks are you laughing.

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