Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 3rd April 2024 Written Episode Update: Meghnat gets furious at Bhim Rao

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 3rd April 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

In the morning Meghnat is sleeping in his house when he wakes up with a severe headache, he realizes he s in the Chawl of Bhim Rao so gets shocked, Meghnat looks around after which he suddenly wakes up throwing the quilt away, he questions how did he come to the bed over here and demands an answer from someone, Meghnat calls Jaggu, asking who amongst them made him sleep on the bed and how did he reach here, Shishupal and Shamla coming call him, Shishupal walks to stand in front of him saying he is the one who did it all, Meghnat gets furious and then slaps Shishupal seeing which everyone gets shocked, Karuna is however smiling. Shishupal furiously looks at his father, Meghnat angrily says he was sleeping on the bed of these people due to him, Shishupal asks did he not realize he was in their Chawl after being drunk, did he not accept the truth. Shishupal says that people of the upper class came but he was the one who stopped them so Meghnat realizes there is no difference is sleeping either in their house or over here, Meghnat says there is a difference after which he starts searching for someone, so says it is the doing of Bhim Rao. Rama says Bhim is not in the house, Meghnat tells Shishupal he knew Bhim would leave after doing all this.

The elders come asking Meghnat if he stayed with these people for an entire night so all of his purity has been affected, Meghnat asks if Shishupal has been happy because Bhim did not get the chance to humiliate him and so went to the people in the morning, Shishupal says it is a lie but Meghnat replies Shishupal would say it as he is a friend, Shishupal replies he is the follower and Meghnat should stop blaming him, Meghnat replies he knows that Bhim would have told everyone that Meghnat is lying on their bed so what would be his respect.

Bhim returns with Meera, Shishupal asks Meghnat to look over there, they all turn to see Bhim standing there with his aunt Meera, Ramji also starts smiling, Lakshmi asks when did Bhim went to the hospital, Bhim replies the sun had not risen till then as the doctor said they should take Bua back as soon as possible, Shoba asks Meghnat if he understood that Bhim went to bring his aunt and not instigate the people from his class, Ramji asks who would have woken up before the sunrise, so he asks the people who told them the truth and Rama makes them swear on the life of their wives and children, Meghnat also demands to know the name, the people of the upper class say Bhim did not tell them anything but those people who came to take him but his son refused, Ramji says that people from his own class did not care for his respect, Meghnat should go and ask why did those people do it because they donot care for the respect of others and when they desired then would keep humiliating the people of their class, they even did the same with him. Bhim tells Meghnat it is worth understanding when Meghnat demands he should stay quiet, Shishupal furiously says that Meghnat is the one who should stay quiet and so angrily walks asking if Meghnat can see the pot, revealing he was having a severe headache but did not stop saying that if Bhim Rao dies then it would be good. Meghnat recalls how he kept saying it while Bhim was busy in making the herbal medicine, Shishupal wondered how is Bhim like and does he not even have any hatred, Shishupal tells Meghnat that all the people who were standing against him were the supporters of Bhim and those against him were not standing there, even then Meghnat hates Bhim and his people along with the ideas. Shishupal tells Meghnat that when someone understands the truth then they should turn towards it where there is peace and love, so it is never late to walk on those paths. Shishupal holding his hands requests Meghnat to turn towards Bhim, Meghnat seeing Shishupal so emotional slowly turns towards Bhim, he starts walking towards Bhim seeing which Karuna and Jija Bai get worried along with all those who oppose him. Meghnat walks to stand in front of Bhim Rao, while everyone is continuously looking at them both. Meghnat lowers his gaze in front of Bhim Rao at first then Bhim Rao says he should not lower his gaze, Meghnat says it is not lowered in front of Bhim Rao, while he has forced him to be humiliated in front of his society. Shishupal gets worried along with Shamla and all those who support him. Meghnat says Bhim Rao should remember the lowered head of Meghnat and even he will remember what happened here today, as for the first time he fell on their land so they kept plotting to ruin his honor. Bhim asks Meghnat what is he doing because they only see what they desire, Meghnat asks why did he not let the people from his class take him and he should have let him die when he was screaming from pain, Meghnat tells Bhim Rao to not try and be good or force his good deeds over someone else, he says the problems between them would always remain the same.

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