Dabangii 3rd April 2024 Written Episode Update: Ankush gets mad at Arya

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The Episode starts with Kasturi asking Yug and Arya to leave the house. Yug asks what are you doing, I have done a lot and funded your election campaign, I have nothing to do with this girl, you don’t trust me. She says Zai is much hurt, she has no interest in you, we also have no interest to know about your marriage. Yug says I want to hear this from Papa. Satya comes and asks what Papa, you scolded me, I will do what I want. Yug says I have invested a lot in this family. Satya asks them to leave. He gets a call. Kasturi asks Yug and Arya to leave. Yug thinks this can’t happen, why isn’t Ankita doing anything. Yug argues with Kasturi and says I won’t leave. Kasturi says Arya troubled us a lot, I will teach her a lesson. She raises hand. Satya stops her. Kasturi says we have to oust them, right. Satya hugs Yug.

Satya says its not about money but manners, you spoke to me badly, I felt bad, you said we are a team, I will not break our relation. Arya thinks game has changed. Yug thinks Ankita did something so Satya has changed. Satya asks the servants to get the bags inside. He stops Kasturi and goes.

Kasturi asks Satya what happened. Satya says Shah is finished. Ankita says Shah’s warehouse caught fire, he is in the hospital. Satya says he is on ventilator, he can’t even pay for it. Yug says so Satya stopped me. Satya says we just have Yug, we have to tolerate him. Ankita says its Karma, you did good. Yug says no, I felt you did this. She thinks who did this, what about that girl, maybe she did it. Yug says no, she was with me at that time. Ankita says I don’t think it’s a coincidence. Arya thinks Ankush did this, I have to meet him now. She goes and meets Ankush. He says you should have not come here. She asks did you ignite fire in Shah’s warehouse. He says yes, it was imp. She says Shah could have died. He says so what, he is a drug dealer, nothing happened to anyone else, it’s a battle, people die, its called collateral damage. She says no, every life matters. He says change your thinking, you have to stay there, don’t question my ways, support me or leave, yes or no, tell me. Arya argues.

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She praises Ekya. He says you told him about your identity, you cheated me, leave me. Arya says I m your daughter. He says I know, I don’t need you now. He goes. Yug comes and stops him. Arya cries and thinks what shall I do. Ankush fakes a getup and acts. He leaves. He asks Arya who was that man. She says I was helping a poor man. He says I know you miss Ankush and Baba. She says I have some work, I have to meet Jaanrao. He says I will come along. She says no. Ankush hears them and leaves. Arya says we have to stay alert, you go home, I will meet you later. He thinks why is he tense. She goes home and looks for Ankush. She says Ankush can’t leave. She sees Jaanrao hurt and asks why didn’t you stop Ankush. Jaanrao recalls trying to stop Ankush. Ankush says I don’t need Arya. He pushes Jaanrao and goes. Jaanrao says I don’t know why he left, don’t cry. Arya cries and says he got upset and left. He feeds her water. He asks what did you do.

Arya says dad isn’t here, what shall I do. She sees Ankush pointing the gun at Satya.