Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 26th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Bhim Rao demands an answer from the officer

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Ek Mahanayak Dr. BR Ambedkar 26th March 2024 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

In the morning Shoba is working when Jaggu asks Manohar where does Puran go to work asking if he is involved in some bad things, Phulari says that Puran indeed makes money because he brings the vegetables for both Shoba and Rama, Phulari asks Shoba if she did not ask her brother what does he work, Janardhan says it might be possible that Shoba who believes in Bhim is eating the wrongful earning of her brother, Shoba asks Puran to tell them what he does for work, Puran says he works in the cricket ground as he prepares it before the game and then even cleans, Janardhan says that he felt Puran would be involved in playing, Puran replies he can play but remains around the same world as when he came here he thought he would stay away from it but has realized it and then went again to the game, Jaggu says Bhim made a fool of him but Puran replies Bhim himself stays near his desires.

Bhim seeks permission from the officer to come inside when he asks if Bhim brought the money for the license or the reason he needs to have the newspaper, the officer says that it is written they cannot issue the license before the money is paid, Bhim requests the officer just has to sign on the paper and it will not cost him anything so he should do it based on the trust but the officer starts pushing him on out of the office.

Rama and lakshmi also request Karuna to not throw them out of the office as they had to make food for Bua, Bhim requests the officer to listen to him but he returns warning Bhim to not come around here again, Karuna after pushing both Lakshmi and Rama outside says that this is not a helping area so if they come on time then can work otherwise should stay out, Bhim picks the file, asking Sethji and Shishupal to leave saying he will see what he must do, Shishupal replies they are going to fight together and everyone else would have to understand, Bhim asks them to come as they would not bear the torture when they did not do anything wrong.

Rama asks Lakshmi to come as they will not bear the torture when they did not do anything wrong, lakshmi suggests they should find some other work but Rama replies she has learned it from her husband it is better to struggle.

Bhim asks if he can come inside again when the officer asks if Bhim cannot understand they are not allowed to give him the license asking if he does not understand, Bhim replies the officer should teach him it correctly about the rights he has to do, he says he will keep coming back till the files end. Rama also tells Karuna that she will keep coming back till the owner arrives after which they would talk with him, Karuna questions what will she talk about, Rama says she will say the truth and does not care if it will reveal the lie of someone as she is the wife of Bhim Rao Ambedkar. Bhim tells the officer that he needs to tell him what he must get, the officer writes on a paper saying that he needs to get the signatures of the four people mentioned after which he will get the license, Bhim turns back when the officer with a smile says they will not sign and his life would go by it, Bhim assures they will surely sign the paper and now he will meet with the signatures.

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Karuna asks Rama if she is threatening her, Rama replies she is just warning her when Karuna says they can do whatever they desire and might meet the owner outside, she orders the other workers to oust Lakshmi and Rama out of the godown, they start pushing them both while Rama and Lakshmi request them to let go but they donot listen, Karuna along with the other workers are smiling when after a while Karuna comes to stand in front of them, Rama remembers when Bhim said that the strength is from the mind because if one fears of losing then they accept defeat, she agreed to use this method. Rama keeps struggling and then runs to hug Karuna tightly seeing which they all are shocked, Karuna is not able to push her when Rama vows to not even let her remain in this job as she is the wife of Bhim Rao Ambedkar and does not lose the fights, Rama takes a step back while Karuna if furiously staring at her, Rama is able to free Lakshmi from the women who return to their work, Rama turns to leave with lakshmi saying Karuna didi would stop them both herself, Lakshmi does not understand but Karuna stops them when they turn to leave, Rama starts smiling looking at Lakshmi. Karuna orders them to go back to their work ordering them to come on time in the future, Lakshmi asks Rama why did she say to Karuna, who replies she will tell it later. Karuna vows to make Rama pay for her clever behavior.

Bhim is walking with Sethji and Shishupal when Sethji asks how will the four people sign when Shishupal says that Bhim is going to find a way, Sethji mentions the people are very arrogant and would not sign, Bhim says they even got difficulty when they were thrown out of the office so when they have a lot of dreams then should only think about fulfilling them and not the problems. Bhim asks Sethji to tell them everything about how they can get the sign.

The people says Shamla would not get any work, she keeps listening to them all when they start joking, Shamla says it is enough and they should not make fun of her if they donot want to give work, the ladies say that Shamla must understand that women should become the ones who join the father and son but she ruined it, Shamla replies she is leaving and made a mistake by coming to ask them for work, they decide to go and tell Shishupal how his daughter in law came to ask them for job but they refused it so he will feel they care for him.

Meghnat sitting in the office recalls when Bhim managed to understand his plan, he wonders how can he stop Bhim Rao, the worker asks if he can inform a strength of Bhim Rao so reveals he always joins each and every aspect so Meghnat should also do it, Meghnat asks what does the worker want to say so should explain it clearly, the worker says Bhim Rao is working to get the license and if Meghnat uses his strength to make sure Bhim does not get it then he would not be able to do anything. Meghnat is impressed with the idea of the worker deciding to go and meet the officer who gives the license. The officer standing at the entrance of the office calls to Meghnat who is left amazed.