Atal 27th March 2024 Written Episode Update: Tomar Executes His Evil Plan against Vajpayee Family

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Shyamlal tells KV that they this year’s holi went really well. Alok joins them and says he never felt so much love in life and this is his best holi of life. Awadh brings tea for them. Shyamlal says he wants to organize kavi sammelan/gathering of poets tomorrow. KV says that is a good idea, he will invite his poet friends and organize it. Shyamlal asks Alok if he ever prepared thandai. Awadh asks him not to worry as he and Alok will manage.

Lalitha scolds Tomar for refusing to celebrate holi with villagers first and then celebrating due to Atal’s fear. Tomar feels humiliated recalling villagers’ taunts. Lalitha informs him about kavi sammelan at Vajpayee house. Tomar gives her poison and asks her to mix it in Vajpayee family’s thandai, let people die and blame Vajpayee family, he will tie and Atal and father and grandfather with a rope and drag them to police station.

Awadh and Alok prepare thandai. KV gets ready for the kavi sammelan. KM helps him and says she always had a wish of listening him reciting poems in kavi sammelan, today her wish will be fulfilled. Shyamlal calls KV and tells him that he always wanted to participate in kavi sammelan but didn’t have courage, he saw that courage in KV who not only participated in kavi sammelan but also reached raj darbar, he saw same courage in Atal and Awadh, Awadh is stuck in family issues or else he can be a good poem, he will clap wholeheartedly today seeing KV reciting poems. KV says he got inspiration from Shyamlal. Shyamlal says it’s KV’s greatness, he doesn’t have courage to reach stage.

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Awadh and Alok make seating arrangements for the ceremony. Villagers gather. KV announces about the kavi sammelan today and him reciting poem every time, but this time he wants his inspiration and guru, his father to recite poem this time. Everyone clap for Shyamlal. Shyamlal gets nervous. KV says a simple teacher reaches raj darbar and recites poem all because of father’s encouragement. He continues to praise Shyamlal and requests him to recite poem.

Precap: Lalitha mixes poison in Vajpayee family’s thandai/milk drink. Atal gets suspicious on Tomar an knocks his door. Tomar checks and thinks someone knocked the door and maybe rushed to the hospital. Atal asks why hospital?